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Default Posting in the DIY section

Please feel free to post your projects in this area. It would be appreciated if pics went along with it so others can see how you did it and maybe try it themselves. There are some of us who take great interest in building it themselves.

You can start a journal of somesorts of your projects here and update as necessary, great tool for others to learn from your progress and or mistakes(we all make them)

Also feel free to add links here to projects you have come across and I will add them to the sticky up top
1- 10g planted w/5.4wpg and co2
1 - 10g snail breeding and fry growout
1- 20g figure 8 puffer and bumble bee goby tank
1- 40g community
1 -50g cycling
1-60g diamond tank - Pseudotropheus saulosi African setup

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