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Default breeding bichirs

I was just wondering if anyone has been successful in breeding Bichirs, and if so, what advice/experience they wanted to share. I have two ornate bichirs that are approximately 14-15 inches. I have them in with my rtg, two jaguar catfish, a vampire pleco and a sail fin pleco. One of the two bichirs is larger then the other, but has a much smaller anal fin. I read up and learned that's most likely the female, as the male is smaller, but has a much larger anal fin. I see them dance and see the male always around the female, and she shakes like's shes having a seizure, but I don't see any eggs or anything. Also, the tank they're all in is 240gallons, with only one bridge and one driftwood, no plants. Thanks in advance for any advice!
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I think the guy you might want to contact is:

G. A. Christian Bilou, Zoologist/Writer
Vice-President, Calgary Aquarium Society
A video worth watching
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