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Super Cricket
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Default 30 inch blood red arowana + tank move!

Built this 315 gallon setup + sump filtration for a client several years ago in Richmond. He's in HK now so he wanted to get out of the hobby. I found a buyer for him and part of the agreement from the buyer was that I reinstall this show tank at his place in Coquitlam, 45 minutes away. He made it worth my while so we moved the tank and the only resident, a 30 inch blood red arowana. Same day tear down and reinstall. What a fun project! Good thing he hired professional movers so my job was supervising the transfer + work on the plumbing. Arowana made it through the entire process without a single lost scale nor a bent barbel. Pics were taken that afternoon. Water has cleared up since then and the arowana is eating already. Overall dismantle / reinstall time = 7 hours!

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That's a fast turn around. Beautiful fish and tank. Nice work

Next time I move I plan on setting up some stock tanks to give me more time to dismantle the fishroom. Thankfully I don't have any 30" arowanas. Just some 12" geos and a few large L27s. Makes things a bit easier.
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great job Mike..7hrs is not bad at all!
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Epic thread Mike.
A video worth watching
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