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Super Cricket
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Red face does the height of the tank matter?

Odd question but I am curious.

I have read lots about the potential causes of DE and wondered if the height of the tank should be considered when setting up.

I am in the midst of setting up my aro's new home - a nice 340G. It will be in my office where I spend 8 - 10 hours per day. My desk is standard 30 inch height - and I sit.

If the tank is going to be beside my desk (knowing he will have activity in front of his tank 8 - 10 hours a day), should the tank be positioned so he looks up, looks across, or looks down?

Most stands are 30 inches high...and with a large tank. The top height will be around 66 inches. If he swims across the top - he will be constantly looking down on the activities in the room (as I will be sitting).

Too paranoid?
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Interesting question. I think there is no definitive answer. I have seen some people use floating ping pong balls to try to get the aro looking up. In my opinion, DE is more a genetic issue and so I would not worry to much about the tank height (but that is just my opinion).
A video worth watching
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Too late now. I made the decision and the tank is up high. It is 41' off the ground and has a viewing window of 36 inches * 72 inches. It feels like I am watching a big screen TV! It is awesome.

The only thing I desperately need to improve on is the lighting. My collection of lights is merely what came with various set-ups. I would like to buy a nice set that will enhance the colors while not being too bright for the tankmates (stingray).
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