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I have my aro on 80% market prawns and 20% hikari food sticks.
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Thats awesome guys!

I'm feeding mine massivore in the morning (didn't even need to starve!) and MP and super worms at night. To get my aro on massivore, I just made a MP sandwhich and started weening off MP. I also did some positive reinforcement whereby I gave the aro some SW after it took the massivore.
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A bit more detail on how to feed shrimp to your new aro:

Get (Pacific) white shrimp; you can buy it shell on at Safeway for about $10 a bag. You can also get it at T&T Market unfrozen, which you take home and then freeze. It is important to get the shell on kind of white shrimp because the shell off kind has a lot more salt in it and not all arows appreciate that. Also, I recommend white shrimp over market prawn as the prawn seems to be a lot more chewy and some arows don't like that either. Assuming you get the frozen kind, thaw it a bit under warm running tap water, take off the shell, cut shrimp into small bite size pieces. Target feed. Once the aro gets used to your tank and your feeding him, he will eat it right away when it hits the water. For the first while he may watch it sink and then attack it mid way down or else pick it up off the bottom. You can try a piece or two in morning and night. Don't leave any food on the bottom of the tank for more than about 30 minutes. This method will work for sure.
A video worth watching
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I have my aro on 100% market fish
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mr ry
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My aro only eats mp
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