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I dont show him as being one of the names the email was forwarded to, but perhaps he was in the Bcc.

I wish i had kept all of the emails i had gotten during this time. The only thing i have left is the update on the meeting that was to take place in Toronto on March 11.
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I have chatted with a few people about these new regulations and it is potentially quite serious; we could be looking at the same kind of nonsense that occurred with the fish food regulations last year that led to supply disruption for a bit with Hikari. I am sure there will be a way around the regulations. We may just need to cooperate regionally. People who own local fish stores will be the ones to really take the hit; they will now either have to set up full quarantines to care for their fish for weeks prior to selling them or else will be forced to go through wholesalers. Can you imagine how much their profit margin will be squeezed if they are unable to import direct?
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