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Default Jan 16, Thailand & Philippine Shipmenet

Freshwater Livestock:

Crayfish-Bright Orange
Crayfish-Blue Florida
Notho-Eggersi RED
Drape Fin Barb
Siamese Algae Eater
Betta Crowntail Assorted MALE
Betta Crowntail Assorted FEMALE
Betta Double Tail Halfmoon Assorted MALE
Betta Halfmoon Assorted MALE
Betta Halfmoon Assorted FEMALE
Discus Red&White
Discus Pigeon Pearl
Discus Pigeon Gold
Discus Eruption
Puffer-Green Spotted
Jellyhead Oranda-Red Cap
Fantail Oranda-Red
Pearl Scale
Dwarf Gourami-Blue Neon
Gourami-Red Honey
Paradisefish Albino
Guppy-Assorted (MALE)
Guppy-Assorted (FEMALE)
Swordtail-Pineapple Wagtail
Gourami-Golden Honey[/one_half] [one_half_last]

Saltwater Livestock:

Goby Golden Head sleeper
Blenny Mandarin Green) (S)
Clown Tomato Red
Clown Ocellaris (S/M)
Damsel Blue
Damsel 3-Spots (Domino)
Chromis Blue-Green
Goby Blk Banded Antenna
Dottyback Diadema
Wrasse Carpenter
File Orange Spotted
Shell Cowrie Tiger
Butterfly Copperband (M/L)
Eel Black Ribbon
Wrasse Cleaner
Starfish Sand
Anemone Red Mat
Sea Hare Slugs
Visit our website at for updates on our livestock imports
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