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Default Cheap high quality food

I know herring is rich in nutrients and is used as a basis for various pellet fish foods. If you live in the lower mainland of BC, there is a great opportunity to get fresh herring at a discount cost and give to charity at the same time:

The annual Fishermen Helping Kids with Cancer herring sale attracted thousands of people to the Steveston Harbour in Richmond, B.C., Saturday morning.

The event started at 8 a.m. this morning and continues until 4 p.m.

The herring sale has been taking place since 2011. The idea was sparked when the 17-year-old daughter of a B.C. commercial fisherman died of cancer.

All the money raised from the sale goes to the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation.

steveston herring sale
Volunteers sort through and bag the thousands of tons of herring for sale as part of an annual event in Richmond, B.C. (Doug Kerr/CBC)

“It’s the best thing I do all year,” said Phil Eidsvik, one of the event coordinators.

“Anything we can do to kind of make [the children’s] day a little brighter, because some of these kids have long stays in the hospital.”

Eidsvik said the event has raised $550,000 since 2011. He expects they will sell 65 tonnes of herring today, sold in 20-pound bags for $15.

steveston herring sale
Volunteers help out at an annual herring sale in Steveston, a fishing village in Richmond, B.C. (Doug Kerr/CBC)

Many of the people lining up to buy the herring this morning said they were there to support the charity. But many said they also just like the taste of the small fish.

“I hated herring when I was a little kid,” Eidsvik said, adding that he is Norwegian.

“Recently I started to eat it again. It’s pretty tasty.”

With files from Doug Kerr
I just found out about this but will be sure to be there next year. I would like to experiment using whole pieces of herring as food for rays and Aros.
A video worth watching
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if its not as fatty as salmon i guess it would be a good feed.....i mix my aro's diet with scallops/white shrimp/meal worms/crickets....i'd like to add some sort of fish in the future too..most likely talapia bc its readily available and quite cheap also..
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