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    Dfi bbxb and rose gold xb arowana cleaning sales.

    Hello arowanas lovers, Last call. Im heading to Toronto this weekend (Saturday August 30) This is your chance to save on shipping since im delivering your fish to you, personally. These are my last two fishes from this batch. Here are the links to the videos of those arowanas. You...
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    DFI arowana for sale Free Shipping to Toronto

    what a great way to start summer. Received my shipment from DFI, I'm more than happy with their quality. We are so proud and glad to have made numerous arowanas lovers happy and satisfy. The majority of the fish have found a loving home. We still have a few of them left.... let's see who are...
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    DFI arowana opening sale

    Hi all friends, My name is Vince, It is with great pleasure and im very excited to have the opportunity to import some nice DFI arowana fishes at a very reasonable price (top quality with an affordable pricetag ) to sale in this forum.As we all know, DFI arowanas have a well known...
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    Hello everyone...

    Hello everyone , my name is Vincent from Monteal. :),