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    Varieties of gold arowanas

    Anyone know if there is somewhere I can find a list of the different types/varieties of Asian aros and a short description about them? And I'm not talking about the base variants like the RTG, HBRTG or XB. I'm refering to names like Panda Gold Supreme, Splendour, VIP XB, Merlion Gold Head...
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    Newly set up 110g

    Here's my newly set up 110g. All residents are still juveniles, maybe except the flagtail. 1 x silver leucistic (or white or albino or whatever you wanna call em, just not a normal silver) 1 x common pleco 1x flagtail 2 x king kong parrot 3 x flowerhorn
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    Hi everyone, I'm a newly registered user here. I've been reading a few posts and have found this site to be really useful with lots of info from experienced folks so I decided to join. I've been keeping arowana for 20+ years but never had an asian....I've only had a silver, then upgraded to a...