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    The Dreaded Power Failure

    I bought a Honda power inverter power generator. Saved me already a few times during a power outage. That being said, if I was out of town and no one to call to help me... it wouldn't work. To have those back up generators that can run on natural gas and go on line automatically, that cost...
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    Asian aro eats a centipede

    Thats cool. When I use to live out in Asia...bugs everywhere. No need to buy food!
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    Aquarium makers?

    Hi, Wasn't sure where to post this, so decided here in this space. Was wondering anyone know of any good aquarium makers around the Toronto area? Looking to order something like a 7-8 feet long by 1.5 feet wide by 1.8 tall. Was thinking either starphire on the front, or all acrylic...
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    Hi, Heard good things about you guys from Theo. Was wondering do you aquariums if I live in Toronto? Thanks Brian
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    Back after some time off...

    Thanks. Good to be back
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    LF: FRT / Pig Nose Small Size (Ship to Vancouver)

    I thought these were not legal to sell anymore? I saw someone trying to sell in Toronto.
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    Gold Head Order

    Blood Some pics of the Blood red...
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    Gold Head Order

    Got the fish. Its a beauty. Body shape/eyes are great. Even more important, personality is nice. Already starting to eat a bit on the first day in the tank. Thanks Theo!
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    Gold Head Order

    Thanks Theo. Looking forward to picking up soon!!
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    Gold Head Order

    Looking forward to see this fish!
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    Gold Head Order

    Thank you Theo for doing all this! Looking forward to the fish!
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    Marineland 300 gallon and sump

    Not bad, if you were in Toronto, I would be very interested :)
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    Gold Head Order

    Price for their ultimate red would be great too. Thanks.
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    Gold Head Order

    Hi That is great. I am interested be their Chill Red/Blood red. How much would be the gold head? Thanks, Brian
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    Painted blue arowana?

    The market I have noticed is racing to try and make anything new, and trying to brand things as "prestigious". When in reality whats happened the market is flooded with decent arowana for low prices. Now you see these high end fish which are in reality are highly inbred fish...I have noticed...
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    Back after some time off...

    Hi My name is Brian, and I have been a member for a while, but stopped doing fish for a while...had three hockey...just got too busy. But, back in. I got three Super Reds and three cross backs in a 250 gallon tank with some Stenkler Discus and a large L25 pleco. Will try and...
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    22" Albino Silver Arowana: $700

    Hi No drop eye. About 22". $700 I live in Markham. Email me at [email protected] Thanks
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    Albino Siliver Arowana

    Hi, I have decided to drop the price to $700. Thanks.
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    Albino Siliver Arowana

    Hi, I am selling about a 22 inch plus Albino Siliver Arowana. I got this guy from Spencer Jack as a small baby, and in about two years or so he has grown well. He is in perfect condition, no drop eye. Eats pellets. Not scared. I am selling him as I am thinking of changing up my tank for...
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    L27 Pleco Thunder/Xingu Platnium/l25

    Actually there are 7 royals. 5 are thunder and 2 are xingu. All for $300