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    Post your best aquarium photo here!

    Great aquarium photos everyone who posted. Was a tough decision. Congratulations to Joey for his winning photo! Contact me at for your $100 credit. Thank you to everyone who submitted!
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    Superworms on special

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that we are running a special on bulk lots of 2,000 Large Superworms for $49.99. Our Superworms are fresh off our farm and will come with extreme overcounts, squirming, and active. For more information or to place an order please visit us online @...
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    FRESH JUMBO SUPERWORMS ***Summer Special***

    We are offering a summer special on orders of 10,000 Jumbo Superworms for $275, shipping included on orders to Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Group orders welcome.
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    Update of my dynamic red

    Nice looking fish Darren!
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    Group buy in eastern Canada?

    Theo, I believe the prices are all going down and perhaps its just a matter of time until someone breeds them successfully here in Canada. Nature always finds a way. Chen's Aro's are off to a good start. I believe it is possible to try and breed them in a large pond just how its done in Asia...
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    Rtg & Friends

    Awesome Mike, looks great!
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    Aro Pairing?

    Awesome, Veddy interesting! I think Chen you are going to have the next breeding Arowana farm :).
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    UniHeat Shipping Warmers

    If anyone is looking for UniHeat shipping warmers you can find them on our website. We can supply them by the individual warmer or by the case. Visit us at:
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    Just as Mike mentioned I would suggest putting a bunch of feeder fish for him to eat as he needs over the 7 days. As mentioned a light on a timer is a must in my opinion.
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    Just came across this

    Yeah no kidding these guys are being nailed heavy. Don't mess with endangered species that are not approved by CITIES.
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    Just came across this
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    Superworm Special

    You guys out in BC going to set up a group order? Buying Superworms for .02 cents each is unheard of.
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    Superworm Special

    10,000 Superworms for $250, group orders are welcome. Shipping Canada Post, Greyhound, or Westjet. PM with a shipping method for a shipping quote.
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    *NEW* Calcium Enriched Phoenix Wormsâ„¢

    Check out our new Phoenix Wormsâ„¢ Phoenix Worms are the only calcium-rich feeder with the perfect balance of calcium and phosphorus, 1.5:1. This natural balance means that Phoenix Worms can be a staple in your pet's diet. Breeders report that hatchlings that are fed PWs right from the start...
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    What do you feed your Arowana?

    My Red Tail Golden is very picky and only eats Mealworms, feeder Goldfish and sometimes Crickets.
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    Hello old friends... It's been a while..

    Great Pics, and nice looking Gecko's!
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    Labour Day SALE

    1000 Adult Full Grown Crickets, Shipping, Handling, and Tax in $45 Canada-wide. Sale ends on Monday. PM if you would like to place an order.
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    5000 Gallon build

    I just did a quick google search Theo on the sand filter. I actually seen a similar large tank like I am planning on setting up, and I am pretty sure it was a sand filter the guy had running on it. Joey I particularly like the Bakki Shower. I have never heard of such a filtration system. It...
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    5000 Gallon build

    Hey Hondas thanks for the reply. I never did hear of it, but 10k is a little more than I want to drop on just the heating. I am planning on building this tank in its own building. The building will be on a concrete pad and the dimensions will be 20'x20'. The building is going to be heated by a...
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    5000 Gallon build

    Thinking of doing 5000 Gallon build for Arapaima, and Alligator Gar along with some other monsters. Its going to be in a building of its own. Just wondering if anyone has any idea's on filtration and heating? Pool filters, pool heaters? Any ideas would be appreciated.