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    New member from canada

    Thanks all.
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    Man chen amazing what a pup can do!
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    Stingray filters

    Lots of mechanical. Lots of aeration. K1 in fluid bed and in reactor. 2 DIY bio ball trickle towers with matrix media as well. Phosban 150 reactor with carbon pellets. 36 watt turbo twist uv on timer 12/12. All running on two marineland utility pumps 1200 gal/hr each.
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    Black Diamond Leopoldi

    Great info
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    New member from canada

    Quebec and i have a pair of WC Henlei rays. Looking to upgrade my setup shortly. 300 gal is looking small.
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    300 gallon build

    Nice dimensions! Nice fish.
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    my 428 gallon stingray/discus tank

    Ya discus didn't work out for long on my end either. I had tons of hide outs and they started getting topped so i removed them all. Even my 14" flag tail gets topped by my 17" female Henlei. She never succeeds at keeping him down. Its like a wrestling match. Lol.
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    my tank 300 gallons

    Nice p14's
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    New member from canada

    Not an asian arow owner as of yet. I do have a large silver and a jardini. Im a stingray guy but am growing more and more fond of asian arows. I foresee getting one soon. Looking forward to scanning through the threads to learn more about these beautiful creatures. Cheers.. :)