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    LFS in the GTA, (Ontario)

    The store was close down. The link points to another store in the US. Lucky Aquarium (Inside Market Village, building besides Pacific Mall) 4350 Steeles Avenue East 905 477 8778
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    Spring/Summer Dreamfish order

    Panda Are you shipping Panda's again
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    WTB Asian arownana

    did you check with Theo
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    4 Feet Nan Light .........

    are these still available
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    Arowana For Sale (Toronto, Ontario)

    HBRTG I am interested in the HBRTG. Do you have any pics? Where are you located? what farm?
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    arowana no cert

    No cert The cost is rather low under 300 and this because of no cert
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    arowana no cert

    Has anyone heard about selling Red tail without cert? I came across a store in TO that has these arowana's for sale.
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    High back gold for sale

    what farm and size?
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    stand for 180 gallon

    hey Hustler - I am in the GTA
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    stand for 180 gallon

    I am trying to build a stand for a 180 gallon tank. The size of the tank is 6 x 2 x 2. Does anyone have any plans I can follow?
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    Moving several threads to dragonfish valued customers

    Password Hey Theo - I had the password but I don't have it anymore. I purchased a Aro Panda from you in the past. If you remember it, can you send it to me?
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    Advise: moving

    EEYY - my current tank size is 180 gallon. I am planning to move it. I have heard of Aquapets, thanks. I will check with them. Hustler - do you mean box it on the outside to keep the rubber maid insulated?
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    Advise: moving

    EEYY - the arowana is about 14" and the oscars is about 14" each. There are 4 oscars. I don't have access to any temporary tanks I don't have any temp tanks but the rubber maid sounds like an idea. I have two Eheim PRO II for my tank so two rubber maid would work. Can the rubber maid stand...
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    Advise: moving

    So I am planning to move to a new home and I am trying to figure out the best way to move my Aro. I was thinking about trying to get the fish housed at a lfs until I have the tank reset up and cycled. Any suggestions on LFS in GTA? Are there any better suggestions?
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    How to ship Asian arowana in Canada

    this link does not work anymore
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    not mine - sale of arowana in winnipeg
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    Hazy eyes

    how much salt do you typically add per gallon
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    Aro Breeding Season?

    how can you tell the male from the female
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    What temperature?

    How did you get rid of the cloudy eye
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    Eheim 2028 Professionel II For Sale

    Where are you located? I am interested