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  1. Matteus

    Albino pearls

    It’s been a while but here are some updated pics of the pearls. I sold one of the females so only have the pair now.
  2. Matteus

    Winter/Spring 2022 Merlion Dreamfish and Panda order

    That is quite the set up. I like it.
  3. Matteus

    How to feed your new Asian arowana

    Man I think I have watched that video 10 times. I just love the colours on that guy.
  4. Matteus

    Win a Panda Gold contest!

    Ooh. That’s exciting. I thought the last one was interesting.
  5. Matteus

    Win a Panda Gold contest!

    I was getting ready to post a pic of my tank and start pricing out Asian aros in uk. But then I saw the last post
  6. Matteus

    Fall orders - Super Reds and Golds!

    Sounds like the hardest part is mostly over. It’s always a crap shoot knowing when they will arrive. I have been in situations where we are waiting on a big order and it not clear till almost midnight and they say come back tomorrow. Then other time it shows up 3 hrs early and you have to rush...
  7. Matteus

    Albino pearls

    thank you I have mixed feelings about it tbh. It cleans the tank really well, but just recently noticed a white spot on my bigger female. I’m thinking that I might be pulling it from that tank pretty soon if I see any more marks. I assume that I won’t catch the act happening, because everyone...
  8. Matteus


    Holy moly. That’s crazy, one of the worst I read about to date. don’t wish that on my worst enemy tbh.
  9. Matteus


    Wow. That’s insane, did it swell up or do you think sucking the blood/ poison out worked?
  10. Matteus

    Albino pearls

    Here is my trio of albino pearls. 2-f 1-m 5-6” disc so far
  11. Matteus

    Beyond expectations !!!!!

    Any updates on this guy. Love to hear about its new home.
  12. Matteus

    Fall orders - Super Reds and Golds!

    That’s exciting. How long does it typically take to arrive once you book the dates?
  13. Matteus

    How did you find us?

    I have been mildly searching for a bbxb for about a month now. Not expecting to get one until after I move. then one day a friend of mine was urging me to get a vfsr, and I kept telling him no I want blue not red. I went home, researched them and came back willing to go for the violet fusion...
  14. Matteus

    Hi from Calgary

    Hello, my name is Matt and I am a monster fish keeper in training. Lol. I kept fish as a kid and always had an appeal for the types of fish that are big and eat anything that moves. I have always looked at most of the fish that I wanted as unattainable. about 2 years ago my wife told me she...