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    Need 180-220 gallon tank RUSH

    Hi every munbers, I'm looking for a 180-220 gallon tank with 24" wide tank. I'm in Toronto please let me know.
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    Winter/Spring 2015 Dreamfish order

    , everyone. i just got this shipment this morning in Toronto, Thank you . they are so nice.
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    looking for marble motoro stingray

    Hi everyone; I live in Toronto. I'm looking for marble motoro any size. Male or female. I can pick up in GTA or I will pay the shipping. Pm me with your price and pic Thanks
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    Microchip reader

    sorry. i got wrong timing.
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    Microchip reader

    can i get one to replace the i have ordered?
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    More scams, warning to USA aro keepers

    :mad:Hi,everyone, this is what I got from Kijiji. Dear Costumer. Thanks for your inquiry and sorry for the late reply. We are Wholesale & Retail Supplier of Champion quality Arowana Fishes and We are so happy introducing ourself as one of the:mad: experienced Arowana hobbies since...