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  1. CanadaPleco

    FS: Striped Silver Dollars - Metynnis Fasciatus

    I cannot keep these alive much longer, they are in an UNHEATED garage, so they need a new home. Theres a dozen Metynnis Fasiatus or so of them give or take. $150 for the group. Ive had them for 5 years or there abouts. PICKUP in Whitby this weekend coming and they can be picked up there...
  2. CanadaPleco

    FS: 120" x 24" x 21" (300 gallon glass tank for sale)

    10 feet long, and 2 feet wide.... just under 300 gallons Front panel is star fire glass. External Overflow on left side with 2 x 2" drains. 1" drilled hole at bottom left corner at rear Its not in perfect shape but its pretty darn good! theres a few small scratches on the inside...
  3. CanadaPleco

    2 x Crenicichla zebrina - over 1 foot

    I have 2 x Crenicichla zebrina at massive sizes. Almost never seen in North America at this size. I got in 6 for my tank and only keeping the 4 smaller ones. If you're looking for something different and VERY RARE these zebra pikes are it! Not as aggressive as other pike cichlids. asking...
  4. CanadaPleco

    New Posts - something aint right

    I haven't been to the site in prob a month, I always click New Posts first. This time it shows me half a dozen posts, only going back to the 6th of Sept. Something is very messed up with this... It should be showing me stuff from the beginning of August. If I visit the site more...
  5. CanadaPleco

    Blood Red Oscars - WANTED

    VERY Red!, I want a group of 5 or so!
  6. CanadaPleco

    Blood Red Oscars - WANTED

    Hey guys, I figured this would be the best spot to ask this with so many great connections to Asia here. Im looking for a bunch of these awesome Blood Red Oscars. They've never been in Canada or the US before that I am aware of, but can be found over seas for pretty reasonable prices ($30-40...
  7. CanadaPleco

    Temensis peacock bass - two 20 inchers

    Saw them the other day. massive and awesome fish!
  8. CanadaPleco

    Equipment for sale

    Heres the full list of stuff available Tanks 75g Tanks (Miracles - 6 available $100 ea) 75g Tank (marinland or perfecto cannot remember) - $75 ea (2 available) 40g Tank - $60 **** Pics of tanks are NOT possible! They are stored in my garage on end and up high, I am only bringing them down if...
  9. CanadaPleco

    Black Bar Silver Dollars & Striped Silver Dollars

    Striped SD's are pending.
  10. CanadaPleco

    Black Bar Silver Dollars & Striped Silver Dollars

    Crappy video of them -
  11. CanadaPleco

    Black Bar Silver Dollars & Striped Silver Dollars

    Ive got 8-9 of them that need a new home. they are around 4"+ TL Seems to be a decent mix of males and females. $150 for the group. Also have some striped Silver Dollars they are smaller and don't get nearly as big (max out at 5-6") Would sell 6 of these as a group. $150 for the group.
  12. CanadaPleco

    Building a glass tank

    Glass tanks are not recommended to go higher then 36" and at that height you should be using 3/4" glass.
  13. CanadaPleco

    Building a glass tank

    If you are wanting to go 4.5' tall your going to need extremely thick glass, my guess would be over an inch thick. Big $$$$$. My 48"x25"x24" of half inch glass bows! The pressure goes up massively that taller the tank is.
  14. CanadaPleco

    Building a glass tank

    Ppl do ply because it's cheaper then glass. Myself if I were building one I'd do it with acrylic. Glass scratches, is very heavy and doesn't insulate at all. Acrylic holds temp a lot better, u can buff out scratches and a couple people could move the tank vs an army.
  15. CanadaPleco

    New batch of BD Pups Oct 1/14

    Nice! Glad they are producing so frequently for you now
  16. CanadaPleco

    New BD Pup batch July 7th, 2014

    Awesome news! They seem to be starting to spawn pretty regularly now for ya.
  17. CanadaPleco

    Painting the back of my Tank Black

    I only use trimclad to paint tanks now. It stinks, it sticks, but when u want it off it comes off in huge sheets.
  18. CanadaPleco

    Post your best pleco photo here!

    Contest Closed, the winner is REIS! Congrats, contact me for your $100 gift cert at