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    Hey!! WTB female stingray

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    22 inch black arrowanna

    still got it 200.00 obo
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    22 inch black arrowanna

    still available nice fish 200.00
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    22 inch black arrowanna

    Black arrow for sale doesnt have barbells but no other issues. Lives in my 230 comfortabley and eats full smelt. I live in chilliwack b.c. and im not going to ship this beauty I can also be reached at [email protected] Ill post pics tonight 300.00
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    my 428 gallon stingray/discus tank

    Ya that combo lasted about a year and a half for me with no problems untill the ray was about 12 inches then watchout as your discus will slowley go missing or found without heads lol
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    Pair of Stringrasy Hystix and hybrid $450 Victoria BC.

    wow i love that henlei/motoro and good price too
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    FS chainlink marble motoro

    let me know of any offers im also into discus and clown loaches
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    FS chainlink marble motoro

    hello selling my ray he is getting big for my tank. He is at least 12 inches as you can see in my picture my tank is 18 deep and he takes up most of that. I live in chilliwack bc feal free to pm me if interested. Also he is eating black,dew, and blood worms as well as smelt. 250.00 i have been...
  9. breeding pair

    breeding pair

  10. my motoro

    my motoro

  11. breeders


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    Black Diamond Leopoldi

    thanks for that information
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    My new BDL + an added bonus

    ya but the good thing is i got your discus
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    hello from dino in chilliwack

    hello my name is dustin and i have been fishkeeping for almost two years and i really enjoy the hobbie. I currently have six tanks running other hobbies include sports, riding my dirtbike, and riding my road bike. I am currently workng as a aircraft mechanic and i live in chilliwack