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    Bdxleo male asking 1000

    Got to go he is about 6 inches and has a very cool pattern I live in kelowna bc ... I will drive to Vancouver to sell this Ray or I will drive half way to Calgary to sell him ... He eats smelts, shrimp, and pellets . My phone number is 250-2583283 I will send pictures if someone is interested in...
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    What do you feed your Arowana?

    My aro only eats mp
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    Fs 400 gallon glass tank

    Helping a guy who wants to sell a 400 gallon and asked for some help to sell it... Asking 5000$ obo the tank comes with a 180 gallon sump , 3 ft tall stand , gravel, pump ect... The tank itself is 8ft x 29 x 32... Shipping possible with moving company but will cost more ... Pics coming soon...
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    Fall 2015 CV Maju Order

    Amazing fish wish I went in on this order
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    LF. 4 or 6 ft led

    Im needing to get some new lighting as mine is not very safe... So I've been looking lots and would like to get some LEDs id like to get 2 6 fts but my lfs won't bring them in gave me some reason of not having the market for them so he's never looked for them... Or else I'd like 2 4 ft...
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    Inscribed aro?

    I want one :0
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    My old F2 BD Pair & more pups!

    :o but but they r soooo nice
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    My old F2 BD Pair & more pups!

    Hmmmm are the pups gunna be for sale?? Are they still in bc??
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    SAD DAY.

    Sorry to hear that :( too bad the guy never came threw on the lids...
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    FS 2 Merlion Red Tail Emerald Arowanas

    i would totally take if you'd ship to bc....
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    Check out the color on this ray.

    Wow she is sooo nice.... The white dots are amazing!!!
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    Staying away from fluval crap

    I've found pumps that can do 5000 gallons an hour and canister filters with uv lights They are a little pricey but from what I've learned in my years of fish keeping you can't have too much filtration.
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    Staying away from fluval crap

    That's what I've been reading online but I think I'm gunna get a external pond pump and canister...
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    Staying away from fluval crap

    well I've went threw my third fluval fx6 on my 366 so I've decided to switch brands they just stop working... No it's not the primer I waited for 20 min if anyone knows of another good canister filter lemme know I'm tired of wasting money on a brand that sucks
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    New tem and orino pbass

    Well after one week the eat pellets yay!!! Floating only so far ( which is good for my Rays) they are not interested in sinking pellets or smelts or shrimp
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    Lf. 2.2 bags of massivor and arowana food pellets

    As the title says I'm looking for bags of massivor and arowana pellets pm if you can get and send them here I live in kelowna bc
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    New tem and orino pbass

    He says he did but I have yet to see them eat yet will try again tonight.... How many nights should I go without trying worms or other stuff??
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    New tem and orino pbass

    Thanks Cirrus just gotta get them to eat now .... Pellets pellets and more pellets