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  1. babymack

    Post your hybrid pictures

    This sexy
  2. babymack

    Dreamfish Merlion Blood Red

    Nice one there theo
  3. babymack

    FS: Titan 315 Gallon Setup (Red Aro, Widebar Datnoid, Black Diamond Stingray x4!)

    Went by to check these out today. The girth of the red aro made my jaw drop once I walked in!!
  4. babymack

    wtt - 230gal for 180gal

    sold!! thanks theo enjoy the tank
  5. babymack

    wtt - 230gal for 180gal

    Thanks med hi may try that :)
  6. babymack

    wtt - 230gal for 180gal

    Ahh to far Mr ry
  7. babymack

    wtt - 230gal for 180gal

    Hi I'm looking to get back into having a tank. I have a 230 in storage and would like to trade fo a 1 80gal as I can move that with 2 ppl. Don't wanna move the 230 in and put of a condo because I'm renting a place at the moment. tank is in good condition no leaks as it was set up days before I...
  8. babymack

    Hybrid Stingrays for sale

    Some nice hybrids Scott
  9. babymack

    ID Please and How much are they?

    Nice pair!! Male looks Spider x black ray back to a black ray and female.looks like it has pearl in her maybe same comBo as male but pearl instead of spider. Either way great price for a good quality breeding pair of hybrids
  10. babymack

    New Hybrids born today

    Nice looking pups scott
  11. babymack

    Christmas day surprise.

  12. babymack

    rack with 4 90gal and sump

    Ya your Def need a set up soon with all them pups your group is producing ya Chen lol.. Sure won't be too hard to make even a double tank rack
  13. babymack

    rack with 4 90gal and sump

    Thanks Chen this thing was really good for pups
  14. babymack

    BD update

    Males looking great on there mark!!
  15. babymack

    rack with 4 90gal and sump

    Please view this ad: Fish tank rack 4 x 90gal , Price: $ 500.00 Download the application from the Google Play Store.
  16. babymack

    BD pup.

    Thanks guys!!
  17. babymack

    New Henlie Pups

    Awsome pups
  18. babymack

    new stingray

    Nice pick up
  19. babymack

    BD pup.

    Here is a update one of Chris BD productions.