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    New - Facebook Group for Arowana Club Canada

    For up to date posts from various members, check out the Facebook page for the club:
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    Thank you for the add

    You are welcome to have a look around. There is a lot of useful information here. You should know that Asian arowana are 100% illegal in the USA.
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    Beware FAKE SCAM site Hunter Red Aquatics, also hunterredaquatics, and [email protected]

    These guys have a FB site that is a 100% FAKE SCAM: Hunter Red Aquatics, also hunterredaquatics, and [email protected] Dig around on their FB page. No address provided. No phone number provided. No external...
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    New - Facebook Group for Arowana Club Canada

    There seem to be multiple Asian arowana sites popping up on Facebook. Some are even using the name of this forum. To try and prevent confusion a new close Arowanaclub Canada site is being set up for members of this site:
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    Forum migration to Xenforo!

    The site is about to migrate from VBulletin to a new forum infrastructure called Xenforo. Xenforo is the same format used by and many other large on-line forums. The site may be down for a period of time as part of the migration process. Apologies for any inconvenience.
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    New list - December 2018

    List for the holidays ! Photos of nearly all species in stock can now be seen on GENUS SPECIES COMMON NAME FROM STOCK SIZE CA$ EACH GROUP CA$ CATFISH Ancistrus cutcutae bristlenose Meta 30 7cm $10.40 [email protected] $7.80...
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    New here well not really

    Welcome StefanI. The site is being overhauled now to fix any such technical issues. Are you trying to upload a standard image file? It might be that you have to make 5 posts before you can upload images.
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    New Sponsor from Ontario!

    Arowanaclub extends a warm welcome to Oscar Virgilio, the manager of Mississauga Aqarium's Online Tropical Fish ( Here is an introduction that Oscar has put together to tell you about himself: Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oscar Virgilio has...
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    Best wishes this holiday season and for 2020!

    Best wishes this holiday season and for 2020!
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    Become an environmentalist

    Now more than ever people around the world need to become more environmentally aware. We need to act on our environmental concerns. This especially means no more expansion of fossil fuels. Invest in solar, use public transit or ride a bike, buy an electric car. Do whatever you can to lessen your...
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    Fight Palm Oil Plantations

    See attachment. Seems appropriate.
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    Welcome Concept Aquariums

    If you are looking for exotic fish in Calgary, Concept Aquariums is a place worth checking out. They are also now building large aquarium tanks and are able to arrange shipping Canada wide Their subforum on this site:
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    Fight Palm Oil Plantations

    Do whatever you can to oppose the growth in palm oil plantations. They are destroying the natural environment in many parts of SEAsia:
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    New registrations

    Welcome to our most recent members.
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    New registrations

    Welcome to our most recent members.
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    New registrations

    In an attempt to overcome the problems of spam bots that try to register on this site, from now on new registrations must send an email to [email protected] Once email contact is established then a new account will be created for the person wanting to register.
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    France mandates green roofs

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    Help out DIY Joey

    A moderator on this forum has gone on to do great work promoting the aquarium hobby on Youtube (see: Joey is now doing a fundraiser to help build out his fish room. Arowanaclub is making a donation. If anyone feels like helping out personally, here is the...