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    show me your SUMP

    SUMP Hi Chen, I will show my sump when the project is done. I'm putting together huge sump with these dimensions of 72"L x 36"W x 22-14"H. Main tank is 3 sided starphire 3/4 inch on 450 Gallon.
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    got 5 peacock bass, need help id with ich???, and suggestion! (pic included)

    Convert the livingroom to a living tank. The last time you ran away for a week. When your dad disallowed this fish tank in your bed room not a livingroom. LOL. Also, Bill is in Dragon King in Scarborough not Dragon in Mississauga. That's Steve.
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    got 5 peacock bass, need help id with ich???, and suggestion! (pic included)

    IS NOT SILLY. IS STUPID. He loves using that Stupid word on other people all the time.
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    Fronts This post has been edited. If interested, contact JOHN B by PM for his opinion regarding these fish for sale. - Edited by
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    order from state, cheap exotic fish and others!

    Fish order. Is not the supplier. Prices are the main issue here. Big Al's stilling much cheaper. With these prices. Post edited -
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    Hi Howard A friend of mine has one. He is going to post it soon. The same as mine. A blue...

    Hi Howard A friend of mine has one. He is going to post it soon. The same as mine. A blue barrell. Has been used for aged water only. It's a 90 gallon. He wants 60.00. Let me know. I can drop it off to you. Regards. John. 416-801-1800
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    L600 Pleco GTA

    L600 Pleco. Wow, Good price. A guy just bought one from Dragon King for 500.00 He will be kicking himself after reading this ad. Rich even command that Dragon King prices are very reasonable. Not what I seeing here. Just the market is very fierce.
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    Update Aro

    Elkindo's Farm.
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    Update Aro

    Thanks for the tips and all the kind words.
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    Update Aro

    Here're some pictures of my Super Red.
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    Specials at Lucky Aquarium (Toronto)

    Dynamic Red If you're looking for normal red for this price is fine. If you looking for a really nice red for this price. That won't happen.
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    Anyone got full grown pictures of a CV Maju Super Red?

    CV Maju IMO, Quality aro like that will not make to Canada. Reason been, sellers get top money selling to Japan and less hassle in terms of shipping too. Try shipping aro in in the winter. I don't think you can even get aro in that calibre for less than 10,000. The last champion from Imperial...
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    220 gallon for SALE

    220 Gallon COMPLETE set up. Absolutely MINT Condition. Just to clarify. I was selling on behalf of Daniel. That's why the address is in Maple. He was away and he back in town now. Thanks for pointing it out.
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    Possible small size ST .....

    ST Datnoid vs IT Datnoid Even on the video. You can tell right away that those are IT'S. Look at the last wide bar on an IT closes to the tail. They all seems to very straight and even out like an NTT bar. Except NTT bars are much thinner. If you look at an ST or CT. The bars are not even out...
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    Possible small size ST .....

    Datnoid Very high chances they're IT with 3 wide bar. They're still many people out there can't tell the different between a true 3 wide bar ST vs 3 wide bar IT.
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    220 Gallon/Stand MINT MINT Complete.

    Here're some pictures of the actual set up.
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    220 Gallon/Stand MINT MINT Complete.

    Up for sale is an absolutely stunnig mint condition 220 gallon by all glass with 2 corners internal overflow. Comes with black wooden double doors and matching canopy, lights, glass lids, heater, and all glass acrylic sump model # 4. Sump comes with mag drive 18, media and all plumming included...
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    NTT $25 GTA

    NTT How much is the shipping cost. Also what is minimum order.
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    EHEIM 2260 Canister THe BEST

    Eheim 2260 '''''''SOLD'''''''''
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    Acrylic Sump

    Acrylic Sump. Sump has been ''''''''''''SOLD'''''''''''''