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  1. homebrewed

    Albino Silver South American Arowana

    Just saw these guys this week. They are in nice shape.
  2. homebrewed

    August 11th Video

    What a great tank. Very nice, Chen :)
  3. homebrewed

    The 19 fish tanks story in BC .....

    I know a few guys here in Wpg where they've had radom searches, but the reaction was "oh, you're just a nerd with fish living in your parents basement... have a nice day". No fines or electrical inspections, though
  4. homebrewed


    I've gone 2 months before. Wasn't to worried as he acted normal and looked healthy. Definatly annoying when you have to waste food trying to feed them.
  5. homebrewed

    My Blue full mask Halfmoon Plakat bettas

    You have some incredible plakats!
  6. homebrewed

    My Blue full mask Halfmoon Plakat bettas

    Excellent Yeah the scales are pretty incredible. I love short tails and those have some of the best shape I've seen Thanks and good luck with the breeding :)
  7. homebrewed

    Building My 1600 and Basement Setup

    Very nice Love the seperate viewing windows. Neat floor design :)
  8. homebrewed

    Asia Trip 2012 - Hong Kong Fish Street

    Awesome I couldn't imagine bagging up all those fish everyday
  9. homebrewed

    My Blue full mask Halfmoon Plakat bettas

    Quality bettas! If you don't mind me asking, where did you order these from?
  10. homebrewed

    Xingu x Leopoldi Pups!!

    Wild definatly eager to see how they develope
  11. homebrewed


    A friend got in a large batch of 1/2" shortbody flowerhorns at his shop 4 months ago. I picked this one out for his son because he likes the color green. 3" And I picked this one for myself 1.5" I am going to try and breed them
  12. homebrewed

    Nami or Batik Green arowana?

    Soon aro will be like discus
  13. homebrewed

    Other animals in our lives.

    lol mine would be fine on a concrete floor as long as its next to me :)
  14. homebrewed

    Other animals in our lives.

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with sissy dog :p Podgie the bichon. Molly the poodle x My next dog will be a manly labradoodle
  15. homebrewed

    Unbelievable goldfish art

    amazing talent
  16. homebrewed

    Dorsal views of LDA105 Typhoon Pleco & L273

    Both of those are great. I love the LDA105
  17. homebrewed

    315 Gallon Setup - TITAN AQUATIC!!!

    It looks incredibly clean. Well done, Mike :)
  18. homebrewed

    Aro smuggling case in USA

    Although I don't agree with smuggling anything illegal, statements like ""He's contributing to the demise of this fish by importing them into the United States" are ridiculous.
  19. homebrewed

    Dec 11 update

    Shame on you, Chen :p Amazing how every level of that tank is utilized. That school of blackbars is something else. Very nice :) Which is the one aro you'd keep?
  20. homebrewed

    Maximum bi-weekly garbage bags / items .......

    Wish we would adopt something like that in wpg.