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    Winter/Spring Group Buy - On Location!

    I am in for a Panda gold. Just give me the details on how to lay down a deposit. woohoo! Took some procrastinating but I'm ready.
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    WTB Green Arowana

    Looking for a green arowana. Located in Vancouver. thanks.
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    Where to buy in Vancouver

    Thanks everyone, I went to take a look today and even to my untrained eye they didn't look first quality compared to the photos I have seen on this site and online. I have a month at least until the tank is cycled so I will keep my eyes open. If anyone is selling one please let me know.
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    So what are the cheaper Arowanas you see at the LFS?

    Dragonguy, curious where you got your green arowana and how big it was when you got it. Can't PM you for some reason. Hope this thread is not too old to bring back up. thanks
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    Where to buy in Vancouver

    thanks, i called rainforest last week and they didn't have any, tried king ed's and they have only silver/jardini (aside from the big ones). North america has only silver/jardini also. I'm looking for a green. maybe i'll have to try big als again. they didn't have any last time either. hmm. hard...
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    Local from Vancouver

    Just bought my new 210G. It's being delivered tomorrow so I guess it's ok to intro myself now that I've commited lotsa $$$ to the hobby. I have wanted an Arowana since highschool which is a long time ago. I knew it was a large commitment $wise and space. I have my own house now so I can do...
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    Arowana Collectibles

    Thanks guys, Now it's time to get a "REAL" one.
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    Arowana Collectibles

    My prized carving from Hawaii Hi All, Thought I'd share my prized wood carving of 2 arowana from Hawaii. This was hand-carved by a local from one continuous piece of wood on the big island of Hawaii. I had to take it as my carry-on to make sure the barbels did not snap off. There is alot of...
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    72G bowfront-how long can I use it?

    I agree. I am not sure why it grows so slow and from what I am reading on this site it should be much bigger. But I have known my friend for over 10 years and I know when he bought the fish. I just never paid attention to it as I was not interested in fish yet. I have also seen the fish. It is...
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    72G bowfront-how long can I use it?

    I have a 72G with 2x4" oscars. I was gonna remove them and put in a 9in jardini that my friend is giving to me. How long will it be ok in the tank for? He said it took a year for it to go from 6" to 9". Do they really grow that slow? anyways, my question is how big should the jardini be before...
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    Where to buy in Vancouver

    Hi, this will be my first Arowana ever. I am wondering where is the best place to buy one. I am looking for a cheaper one to start and see if I can successfully raise one before moving onto an expensive one. I would buy silver, australian or maybe asian green if it was really nice. Please let...