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  1. Steel Toe

    Please tell me this is fake...

    Seen that too:eek:
  2. Steel Toe


    Very nice big tail. Try changing the back ground colour to black and do a little bit of tanning.
  3. Steel Toe

    Please tell me this is fake...

    My uncle had kept his beloved green for over 5 years and when the green pass away, he was so devastated. He asked his wife to prepare the green on that day and he ate it all by himself till finish. After that for the whole day he kept crying. Until now when he remember his green, his tears will...
  4. Steel Toe

    Best setup for Wet Dry?

    HaHa my fren, nothing beats the use of elbow grease to WC to control the nitrates level:p.:D:D:D
  5. Steel Toe

    Best setup for Wet Dry?

    As for the featured setup, I don't think the bioballs need to be clean as the purpose of it are to prevent water clogging. What I can see from the design, actually the water flow at the bottom rather then overflow from the top, not until the 4th and 5th compartment. So I think the owner just...
  6. Steel Toe

    2008 quick update

    One question. How do you control with all the water output in the tank?
  7. Steel Toe

    Best setup for Wet Dry?

    Don't understand you of "over used they are big nitrate factorys". Can you kindly elaborate more on that? I'm still trying to make good of my water management knowledge. From what I know, ammonia (NH3) is highly toxic to most fishes or ammonium (NH4) which is non-toxic. When the ammonia in your...
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    Best setup for Wet Dry?

    hey.... no problem. Just update us on your project with pic and details.
  9. Steel Toe

    plant filtration

    IMHO, all the plants are the same. They still do a great job naturally however having one which can last long and easy to maintain without messing the sump is a good choice.
  10. Steel Toe

    Prochilodus question

    I'm not a chinese but just wanna share something which I came across. Any comment?
  11. Steel Toe

    Hazy eyes

    Agree with Aroboy. Just add salt and up the water temp to 30deg - 31deg. High chance its due to bad water condition. Regular check on the water parameters. Just my 2 cent opinion. Good to hear that your aro is doing well. If this problem is not tackle immediately, it could lead to blindness.
  12. Steel Toe

    tilted aro?? and split tailfin

    I don't think its SB. Could be it trying to avoid from light glaring from the top or another thing is the early sign of DE.
  13. Steel Toe

    Best setup for Wet Dry?

    Check this out.
  14. Steel Toe

    Abbreviations common to aros

    CC = Coral Chip BW = Black Water IMHO = In My Honest Opinion