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  1. Marowana420

    Widebar Datnoids - Order 2 - DOA!!!

    9 more closer to extinction.....:(
  2. Marowana420

    New LEO Variant

    can i trade in my old ray for that???
  3. Marowana420

    Winn NAN lights really improve arowana's colour?

    I have never used NAN, but i have an OTTO. It does not mimic natural sunlight, does not tan the aro. but it does turn your aro and everything else in the tank really red. I think its great for display, but it does nothing for tanning.
  4. Marowana420

    something fuzzy is growing on my Aro ... help please!

    i had those "fruit flies" a while back. 99% sure they were from plants that i put in the tank. 1good which medication did you choose to use? and results? i have the same problem right now.
  5. Marowana420

    So it begins

    wow, how did you get your woman so happy after you cut a hole in her wall??? btw, nice french bulldogs
  6. Marowana420


    hi Eric, is there going to be any New Year's sale? thanks.
  7. Marowana420

    Side business

    like this one?? 90 minutes for 55 gallon.. you sure he is not a resident there?
  8. Marowana420

    Opinion on BBXB

    yes. VIP HBRTG listed at $699
  9. Marowana420

    FS: 20" Dynamic Super Red

    very nice fish. great price
  10. Marowana420

    Opinion on BBXB

    saw some VIP HBRTG that was much nicer today
  11. Marowana420

    monster Tank Elegant Chinese Cuisine @ McCowan and Hwy 7

    Simon is a very nice guy. and lucky to have a wife that loves fish too.
  12. Marowana420


    yes there are alot of new companies that are similar that offers better %. i was approached by 1 named "Teampon"
  13. Marowana420


    my wife's frozen-yogurt shop just finished the groupon thing yesterday!!! the discount was 50% and groupon takes 50% of what they sell. so at the end of the day you only end up with 25%, :eek: i guess if you treat it like an advertising expense and have confidence in your product for...
  14. Marowana420

    Any tips on bagging Aros?

    thx Tim, following your directions, both fish were bagged without a single scuff on them. too bad it only lasted for 5 mins before fights broke out.
  15. Marowana420

    Old dogs new tricks....lesson learned

    ok... now i understand. thx for making it easy for me
  16. Marowana420

    Any tips on bagging Aros?

    hi, just want to know if anyone have any tricks that makes transfering my fishes easier. i'm only moving these 12"ers for 30 feet. thx
  17. Marowana420

    Old dogs new tricks....lesson learned

    i read your post 3 times. and i still dont understand. can you please explain it to me. how can your sump run dry, if it has the same amout of water in it before power failure? i thought bio media is better off dry (moist) than sitting in still water. is that ture? Thx
  18. Marowana420

    LF Altums!

    Frank's aquarium in Markham usually have some.
  19. Marowana420

    New tank brainstorm project.

    since you can reinforce the floor, how about putting this monster tank on the main floor. and build a little fish room in the basement to run your sump. it beats sitting in your basement all day also dont forget to put in a laundry tub and floordrain in your fishroom.
  20. Marowana420

    Pang Long Gold Head

    dont worry about the fish, it will be okay. but i think you need to smoke 1 too chill out. btw, how jumbo are the CL from BA?