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  1. Kenta

    New Species Of Asian Arowana (Scleropages inscriptus)

    Looks like a Nami green.. Ive seen reds with the snakeskin pattern on their cheeks as well
  2. Kenta


    $1200 No shipping at this point. See turtle here
  3. Kenta

    The Trilogy - plus PNT

    Thanks for the comments everyone! hustler, the bottom is black acrylic, same with the back, cost a little bit extra when i ordered the tank
  4. Kenta

    Tiger Identification charts

    Some visual references to use as a guideline to ID your Tigers!
  5. Kenta

    The Trilogy - plus PNT

    Quick update!
  6. Kenta

    Can someone please tell me what THIS is doing OUTSIDE of My Arowana????

    Yeah sometimes their bodys push the chip out... If there is not sign of injury then theres probably nothing to worry about
  7. Kenta

    More XB pics

  8. Kenta

    What type of pellets do you feed your PNTs?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering, what type of pellets everyone feed their PNTs. Mine was raised on Hikari algea wafers and refuses all except those... I want to branch out to other types of sinking pellet suitable for PNTs... I fed my old PNT sinking trout chow... ANY IDEAS?? Ive tried...
  9. Kenta

    My 600G plywood tank stock

    VERY COOl viewing window! dimensions?
  10. Kenta

    My VIP RTG

    Nice big RTG! I know what you mean, Ive been wanting a SR for so long, but I only keep one tank meaning only one aro (not a aro comm guy)... so my RTG stays until I get a bigger place and more $$$ for a SR
  11. Kenta

    The new 550 acrylic!

    Great looking tank, how about a video???
  12. Kenta

    The new 550 acrylic!

    Great looking tank, how about a video???
  13. Kenta

    Check out this tank

    YouTube - Pig nose turtle, Panda Gold Asian Arowana, Feii Feng, Polypterus endlicheri - Private Collection
  14. Kenta


    Awesome, the previous owner gave me a ton of trout chow... and ive introduced apples, bananas and leafy veggies into its diet. CR, this guy is around 14"
  15. Kenta


    Just acquired a large PNT. Wondering, what do you guys feed yours??
  16. Kenta

    Saw a nice little aro today

    Are you going to try a 2 aro comm? The little guy is looking good! But the light washes out the color!
  17. Kenta


    Where are people getting these prices for aros in Japan? I agree that some aros have sold for a large sum of money, but that is only full grown confirmed high quality adults. Arowanas here in Canada are cheaper because small fish are unconfirmed, only can show potential to be of certain...
  18. Kenta

    Some pics from tonight....

    :O nice shots!
  19. Kenta

    BBXB Video update

    Some head shots for your interest
  20. Kenta

    BBXB Video update

    Sort of shows the blue shine as it swims, pics do not capture the intensity of the shine. This one sort of captures the gold rims and gold hue developing on its cheeks. Again, Pics do not do it justice