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  1. rudy

    Hey!! WTB female stingray

  2. rudy

    Visiting Concept Aquariums in Calgary

    There is a 1.2 Meter one in Calgary for sale right now...
  3. rudy

    Hey!! WTB female stingray

    Hope everyone is well on the forum. Recently lost a female Hystrix so looking to even out the male to female ratio in my tank. Was going to scratch my itch buying back one of the AUL that I sold but figured I would see if there was any Brown female rays around
  4. rudy

    Breeding Altum Angels.

    Theo could you ask your asian contacts? Surely someone know how to breed them and the breeders in North America seem to be pretty tight lipped. For sure Altums are not like normal Angels.
  5. rudy

    Breeding Altum Angels.

    That would be idea. I have just heard Altums won't spawn under normal water conditions.
  6. rudy

    Breeding Altum Angels.

    I have 8 2 year in captivity Altums. They are in with stingrays, and some Tiger Silver dollars in a 600 gallon tank. Lately I have a couple that have paired up. I have been advised that breeding these guys is going to be almost impossible and I essentially have no shot ..but hey I am up...
  7. rudy

    Hustlers new 300 :)

    Looks awesome man!
  8. rudy

    SAD DAY.

    Thats brutal! Sorry to hear
  9. rudy

    Check out what I finally got!

    Well in the spirit of me trying to downsize they will live with my Rays. I have had 4 Peruvian Altums in there since I got them and they don't snack on them. As soon as there is is an issue however they will be moved.
  10. rudy

    Check out what I finally got!

    For literally years I have been looking for them and now I found them. There are a few Peruvians i(I have had for a while) n there so before anybody says anything the 8 others are the real thing
  11. rudy


    Nice car Chen.
  12. rudy

    Blood Red Oscars - WANTED

    I would personally spend the extra and get them from somewhere far away. Problem with any selectively bred fish (especially Oscars) is they tend to get crappier along the line. I actually bought a few from a local fish store a few years back and they got bad HITH on a drip system... I would...
  13. rudy

    Keeping the pups with the giants

    So cool Scott. Wanna see the Castexi! The big one.
  14. rudy

    Various Fish for Sale - Leaving the Hobby

    Sorry I crashed this post. haha not sure how I did that,
  15. rudy

    New rays P Hystrix

    Pretty excited to not only get back into rays but get to try a species that is definitely high on my bucket list. Here is my newly picked up (this morning) trio of P Hystrix
  16. rudy


    Plan A came back around. I am back in the ray game. Post pics later.
  17. rudy

    Stingray ship from Victoria B.C,

    Thanks Graeme. I think I am going to have to wait this seller out as he wants to sell locally If you see them for sale, contact me and I will buy them from you. Barring me driving out and getting them I don't know what else to do. Maybe they are your old ones?
  18. rudy


    Sold to a good home
  19. rudy


    Empty tank now just trying to buy Rays. Can't decide what I am gonna get (or can get)
  20. rudy

    Stingray ship from Victoria B.C,

    Seller won't ship.... Period. Thanks anyway