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    1200 Gallon from BC :)

    Amazing Honda!!! I must be a sight to see in person!!! Just inception your wife into thinking its only 30 gallon tank :)
  2. R Merchandising

    I'm totally up for this too :)
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    Harmony Update

    The fish in the tank are rosy red minnows.. hmmm tank mate will be hard might just be him with some peacock bass ,with tigers and a flag tail or...maybe solo just because how can you put anything else with him??? albino Baramundi!!!??
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    Harmony Update

    but he'll eat them anyway
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    Harmony Update

    those aren't feeders.. guys :)
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    Photo of MerLion Red

    Wow amazing I need one in my family :)
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    Harmony Update

    Trying the whit tank
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    Comment by 'Rino' in media 'My Maju BBXB Midas'

    thank you
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    Comment by 'Rino' in media 'd'

    Amazing Tomuhs he from maju?
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    New Addtion

    thanks guys on day 2 he already started eating, i can't even explain how amazing his color is..the pictures don't do any justice..ill us my sony to take some better ones
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    MerLion Harmony in Japan

    i owe it to you Theo and DreamFish ...for such a amazing fish...
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    MerLion Harmony in Japan

    thank you Aro51
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    MerLion Harmony in Japan

    Here is a video Update.. He is doing Very well ...Thank you again so much Nic. and when the new fish comes out in 3 year I would like to have one for my studio
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    MerLion Harmony in Japan

    Thank you Nicolas for the amazing harmony , can you explain to me what is the differnce with the blue base harmony .. I'm a bit confused with the harmony I received? Thank you for any info you can provide.. :)
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    New Addtion

    Thank you guys.. ill post regular pics for sure
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    New Addtion

    will do
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    New Addtion

    My Merlion Harmony. Doing well and eating well.. sorry pics are taken with my iPhone :(
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    just received my merlion harmony splendour GH!!! amazing!!! Thank you Theo and Dreamfish
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    A few Dreamfish photos...
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    A few Dreamfish photos...

    Don't worry I promise to post regular updates on "Kin" He is doing really well!! seems to be taking to the tank and his new environment happily!!! Oh so happy