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  1. hustler

    WTB:Reeflows K1 Media pool filters ect ect

    I am looking for a few reeflow pumps, a monster air pump with aerators and K1 media and pool filters in good usable condition. In decent shape and price :)
  2. hustler

    WTB: Black rays and color morphs

    I am looking for decent black rays at a good price and platnium/albino rtc gars ect. Willing to pay reasonable for the right fish. shoot me a pic and a price.
  3. hustler

    WTB: Asian arowanas

    I am looking to buy a few asian arowana at a time, decent quality and decent price! I will take a case if the price is right.... also looking to match up with the size i have now so adults and 12" welcome shoot me pics and a price....not looking for retail prices
  4. hustler

    Hustlers new 300 :)

    well....shes a ghost town around here, Ill shoot an update anyways in hopes someone has some decent black rays or asians up for grabs soon!!! Im always looking....and ill ship if the price is right! Heres my 300g my new 380g my crossbacks black rays and my new albino silvers :)
  5. hustler

    WTB:Albino silvers and other oddballs, Who orders fish from Asia?

    I have seen on a few price lists albino silvers, looks like the price has come down a bunch. I would like to order 6+ right from asia if possible? Anyone still ordering fish from farms? or transhipping ? Please shoot me a PM im ready to buy!
  6. hustler

    wtb:Platinum RTC

    is there still platinum redtails on the order lists? anything ever come of howards gar? I am looking for some oddballs and wondering who is still getting fish in? any help is greatly appreciated :)
  7. hustler

    Hustlers new 300 :)

    it started there then changed hands a few times. shes an rtg :)
  8. hustler

    Im baaaaaack :)

    Xenon :) im workin on it! i put some pics of your tank up in the 300 gal section with the aro i just grabbed Hope to see more soon
  9. hustler

    Hustlers new 300 :)

    Almost forgot! custom built stand by hand :) Cant believe how easy it was! i may do a few for favors or fish in the future :)
  10. hustler

    Hustlers new 300 :)

    Hey guys and gals, I got the new 300 gallon up and running as of a week ago so I thought i would put up some pics :) My first Dreamfish arowana just moved in as well and i have to say....... I am happy with the quality! I cant wait to see more Ive been out of the aquarium hobby for over a...
  11. hustler

    Im baaaaaack :)

    i grabbed henmings 300g shes getting delivered saturday. im pretty excited starting from scratch everything is new down to the test kits lol so many new toys on the market and the quality of whats available for livestock is gonna make for a way better comm
  12. hustler

    building a steel stand for a 300g

    hey guys. im building a stand for the 300g i just ordered using 1 1/2" tubing. just wondering if anyone has seen any neat tricks for bracing or things i can change or add on to the standard frame for things down the road? any insight is greatly appreciated.
  13. hustler

    Im baaaaaack :)

    hey guys and gals long time no see.... after quitting the fish hobby and selling off all my tanks and supplies, moving to a new house and having a baby..... i just cant stay away from the arowana lol and you guys of course! Starting from scratch! new tank is set for delivery and im in the build...
  14. hustler

    My Albino Red Pacus !

    These are very cool, I just nabbed a group of 5 as well :)
  15. hustler

    Summer 2012 Dreamfish order

    Just thought i would toss my hat in the ring here.... someone PM me whats available and prices...... Have another empty tank :)
  16. hustler

    Pro Saltwater Skimmer Pumps tank Cheap

    bashsea Twisted skimmer 12†by 30†with a drain line out of collection cup for easy drainage I had it running with 2 large submersible Rio pumps that are rated for 2000 gallons per hour each. The skimmer I can sell for $700 obo The air compressor unit with all the lines I can sell for...
  17. hustler

    Hustlers 300 Revisited...

    Im happy as a pig in poop with this one.... This is wahsed out with flash and poor lighting and hes only 14" with a flourecent light he is sooooo red and deep based
  18. hustler

    Hustlers 300 Revisited...

    If you were out here in the oil patch...I mean edmonton.... that doll wouldnt even catch your eye LOL I always forget she is in there...... The big red is just now coloring up under my reef LEDs, Before my tank he spent a few years with no lights at all so Im hopefull the base i could see when i...
  19. hustler

    Hustlers 300 Revisited...

    Well Im back after a 6 month stint at reefing.... and 3 days after i shut down the tank and sold the live rock and scooped the 4" sandbed..... a 26" super red moved in :) Right back at home now.... I kept the Bio reactor and a few media reactors as well as the 5500GPH inline pump and the auto...
  20. hustler

    WTB: ASAP Larger corner tank and stand

    I need a 75 gallon plus corner tank and stand here in alberta.... If you have one or know of a good place i can get one quick and cheaper please PM me I know mitch had some built.... but i cant find him right now lol