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    New Order - Dreamfish - Fall/Winter

    Really nice. Wont even ask how much. :)
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    150g w hiback gold and 5 geos

    Nice tank. Love the stocking, nice and simple. I'm very surprised the aro isn't eating up those fry. And I'm sorry about your wallet, scallops are not cheap
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    where is everyone...

    Forums in general seem to be losing traction. Alot of people seem to go toward Facebook.
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    Entire Setup + 30 inch Blood Red (Same day move!)

    That's a fast turn around. Beautiful fish and tank. Nice work Next time I move I plan on setting up some stock tanks to give me more time to dismantle the fishroom. Thankfully I don't have any 30" arowanas. Just some 12" geos and a few large L27s. Makes things a bit easier.
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    Dead arowana showcase

    Usually I'll say nice pics but can't say that this time. Dead fish always look pretty bad and they usually have an interesting story to tell. Glad you have a high success rate on your imports. Good idea to clean out the freezer, make room for some more food for the family.
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    Total-pro fish room

    It is crazy how clean this setup is. I could never build his room, no many high tech instruments that I do not know anything about
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    Thanks for the Add

    Nice looking aro
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    220 wide
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    450Gal Setup for sale/ST/BD Breeding Rays

    Your stock and tank was an inspiration to me on this forum. It was one of the first large tanks i had seen. Goodluck with all that isn't fish keeping
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    23-24 inch Widebar Datnoid - Shipped!

    Well done. Hope all works out
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    Flagtails don't do well in groups

    Nice video. I've seen a video of them in the wild in huge groups of hundreds. They looked really cool.
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    Necropsy for dead fish

    Wow. Sorry for your loss. I'm interested in your findings. Pretty sure I've bought costco white shrimp for myself and family.
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    Fall 2016 Stingray Order

    Ya no worries. Seems like they are just not very popular
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    Fall 2016 Stingray Order

    Do they sell any hystrix?
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    need a fish

    Where are you from? Some good sellers on this site
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    A fun filled trip with Nic and Calvin

    Looks like a good time
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    220 wide

    Trying again...
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    220 wide

    No idea why the uploaded upside down . They are not upside down on my phone. Thought that was an iPhone problem....