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  1. RTG

    FS: 30 Gallon tank, stand and filter

    Hello everyone! I have a 30 gallon tank for sale. Had it running as a secondary tank before in case anything happens but no longer need anymore. TANK, STAND, FILTER and LIGHT for110$ OBO. Pickup downtown. If anyone interested please text or call kijiji ad contact as I might not be...
  2. RTG

    Flower Horn

    Hey guy! Any flower horn fans ? This guy is super friendly and will let u pet him any time on the head. 6" long now. Eats anything. 6479916558
  3. RTG

    PANG LONG Gold Head

    Sold. Plz close. Thank you.
  4. RTG

    PANG LONG Gold Head

    [/URL][/IMG] To Clarify... The Aro 1200 and if you like the tank as well I'll include the tank for just another 200. The tank set comes with a custom welded stand raising the tank 1' higher for better viewing height. The Stand is removable if you do not choose to use it. All...
  5. RTG

    PANG LONG Gold Head

  6. RTG

    PANG LONG Gold Head

    [/IMG] [/IMG]
  7. RTG

    PANG LONG Gold Head

    Yah I'll post some pics and a YouTube vid later this week when I get some time off work. He is pretty much the same in color but just grew in size im sure cause he has been eating a lot of worms. But I will post some pics/vid to update. i Got a new job and its very tme consuming. I am just...
  8. RTG

    PANG LONG Gold Head

    New Price 1200. 647 991 6558
  9. RTG

    Unique Silver Arowana FS.

    Sold plz close
  10. RTG

    Aquarium not perfectly level

    Insulation boards like the link below. I would place a piece of plywood that's as big as tank and then a piece of insulation same size then the tank ontop...
  11. RTG

    Aquarium not perfectly level

    Do u have any foam? Or insulation under the tank? Should go to home depot and pick up a piece of insulation board and place the insulation under the tank. The foam should distribute the weight equally and level things up.
  12. RTG

    Incredible Monster Tanks

    That's a good sized tank! I like the carpentry nd designas well. Very modern! It's nicewhen you have a lot of space to set up something like that.
  13. RTG

    My Collections =)

    i hope one day I can do something like this at my place.
  14. RTG

    MY 3 TANKS

    Pictures links are not working =(
  15. RTG

    Unique Silver Arowana FS.

    Sorry forgot to post Price. $175 thanks!
  16. RTG

    Unique Silver Arowana FS.

    Selling a unique looking Silver thats got a one of a kind tail fin. The Silver is about 11" right now and eats just about anything that gets thrown into the tank. If anyone has any questions just text or call. Thanks! =) Cliff. 647 991 6558
  17. RTG

    Back up for sale!! Fire Sale - 10 Pang Long Arrowanas

    crazy cheap prices..... if I had empty tanks I'd bring a few home! =(
  18. RTG

    BBXB w/ Tank for sale

    A buddy is selling his BBXB and his custom made tank for sale. He might even include flagtail with deal not sure. But if anyone is interested email or call him from this kijiji ad. Thanks for looking!
  19. RTG

    [GTA] 180G and 120G for sale

    both really nice tanks! I"m sure they will sell in good timing.
  20. RTG

    FS: Gold Severum and Flagtail

    All Sold. Please Close. Thanks!