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    out of hobby sale

    Super Reds Sold
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    out of hobby sale

    thx mike
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    out of hobby sale

    sorry calgary
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    out of hobby sale

    10 clown loaches 7-12" $100-200 each ct pulcher over 12" $1000 6 kelberi bass 10-12" $1000 2 super red 22" lives together no fighting $2200 1 gold head 18" bbxb $1300 i am also going to sell a package deal for $11000 firm i will include all the fish listed above along with a 600 gallon...
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    pang long bbxb

    Everything on hold only got the pang long left $1000.00
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    600 Gal build

    yah got back last week, trip was good but too tired and the trip was too long lol. tank must be cycled, super stoked for yah!! any new stock?
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    600 Gal build

    when will there be fish in the tank!!!
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    pang long bbxb

    selling a 16-18 inch pang long bbxb along with a 12" ct and 180 gallon complete setup which includes sump pump heaters all media and a 6 foot light $3000 firm thanks for looking
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    600 Gal build

    looking sweet buddy
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    600 Gal build

    looking forward to it bro. your gonna love it. i hope you have as much fun as i did !!
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    CV Maju BBXB 1 mth update

    nice i like the new change on the tank
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    got a few p13's for sale from myself and a friend they are about 5-6" $700 each, $1350 a pair or $1800 for 3 pm me with your email address if your interested then i can email you the photos thanks for looking
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    400gal stingray tank

    nice rays darren!
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    Newborn Leopoldi Pups Nov 21 2012

    congrats buddy
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    Arowana community

    were all the same lol, always looking for the next best thing.
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    600 gallon stingray tank

    LOL i work from home in front of my tank :)
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    good luck with that!! would be crazy to achieve something i thought would be impossible! you and chen can be off to the races
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    Customers 315 Gallon - D. Pulcher Introduced

    thats a nice set up! see mike you coulda fit a few BDs in your tank lol
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    Rtg & Friends

    love you ST and your clown loach but i think you shoulda kept a few BDs. :)
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    Arowana community

    nice comm i really like the 2 little BDs