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  1. MananaP

    FS: Male BD pup to offers, easier to ship while his still @ 6.5" big.
  2. MananaP

    FS: Male BD pup

    Bump - any takers? Can ship anywhere in Canada....
  3. MananaP

    FS: Male BD pup

    Hi, As tittle state i'm selling a healthy male BD, can ship anywhere in Canada by the help of my buddy "Cirrus"(his about 6" in disc size). Main diet is Massivore, he eats chopped shrimp/sole fillet and also worms. $1000 shipped Thanks,
  4. MananaP

    Stingrays for sale!

    Still confused lols, you have to explain it to me in person Theo and Mike. hahaha
  5. MananaP

    My old F2 BD Pair & more pups!

    He should sell me a female lols.
  6. MananaP

    Vancouver here i come

    wELCOME lol.
  7. MananaP

    Update my Super Red from Elkindo

    How come it's that small at 2 years of age? Weird? :confused:
  8. MananaP

    PeeWee:BBXB From Panda Update!

    Nice to hear your aro is doing good bro,what have you been feeding him up to this day? Did he start crossing yet? Yes i would love to see his developement also,please do post it thanks. @RS I stopped feeding him hikari aro sticks maybe about 3 months now,at his size and the big appetite a...
  9. MananaP

    PeeWee:BBXB From Panda Update!

    Thanks Tim.
  10. MananaP

    PeeWee:BBXB From Panda Update!

    Yes bro he eats about 4-5 lasr MP with shell a day his very thick i would say.Also the last row of scales has some tint of gold on it and is starting to cross,hopefully it will happen in the near future.How are you fish any updates on them?
  11. MananaP

    PeeWee:BBXB From Panda Update!

    This is PeeWee my BBXB from Panda and he is about 14-15" now. :D LEFT SIDE: RIGHT SIDE: BACK: CHEERS, Stephen
  12. MananaP

    rtg & red videos.

    Vey nice Mike.
  13. MananaP

    Absolute Gold

    those are really gold bars :D
  14. MananaP

    180 gallon planted with Crossback

    can we see what your aro looks like now :).
  15. MananaP

    New Tiger

    Nice tiger ray bro.
  16. MananaP


    Welcome to AC,i hope you like your stay here.Yes please do upload some pictures of your arowana.
  17. MananaP


    Nice collection of gold xb bro.Thank you for sharing with us your collection.
  18. MananaP

    what i've been up to

    Nice tank bro,comm. of aro?Keep us updated thanks!