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  1. slednex11

    Fs :2. 12-13" ntt

    Can you ship ?
  2. slednex11

    BDXMARBLE pair

    Just the male is remaining $500
  3. slednex11

    BDXMARBLE pair

    Price reduced , $1200
  4. slednex11

    BDXMARBLE pair

    I have a pair of black diamondXmarble motoro one male one female both about 6 inches they both eat chopped up fillet and shrimp .the male eats massivore they are about 2 months old I will sell only as the pair or just the male please text me at 13065398692 , the last picture is of the parents...
  5. slednex11


    I've had a few sets of pups over the last half year , thought I'd see how many people can guess the breeds in them , I also lost a couple pups as they birthed in the main tank and we're killed by the larger rays in the tank, , since that happened I have started to move my prego females into a...
  6. slednex11

    Massive Arapaima in a 1800gallon

    There homemade from a local arts and craft store just a combo of plastic plants tied together and tied to rocks there 4ft tall
  7. slednex11

    Basa fillet for fish?

    I also find basa oily I like to feed sole fillet and it's my tank staple diet I get it at superstore 3lbs bag for $10
  8. slednex11

    Im baaaaaack :)

    Hey Mel good to hear your coming back into the game
  9. slednex11

    Keeping the pups with the giants

    Sucks that you lost 2 but nice that the others are doing well in the big tank a person never knows what they can get away with til you try it out
  10. slednex11

    Christmas day surprise.

    Awesome Xmas story Trevor ! Pups look great, keep up the good work,
  11. slednex11

    New Hybrids born today

    Wow She looks amazing !!!And ya please share some new pics ! I'm sure we would all like to see them !
  12. slednex11

    FS : VATF 18"+

    sold, now in a nice 10ft , 700 gallon tank
  13. slednex11

    FS : VATF 18"+

    bump , $400
  14. slednex11

    FS : 10" C.Loach

    feeling bad for my Lone C.loach he needs friends , hes 10" super healthy, i dont feel like buying or trying to find another group so hopefully someone wants to add him to there group , text me 3065398692 i can ship also can deliver to calgary next week oct27-31 ish , i want $150 i can text ya...
  15. slednex11

    FS : VATF 18"+

    hey guys, really hate to sell my Vatf but im trying to buy more rays so just needing to free up some cash for the fish fund, hes healthy and eats anything including Massivore, hes by far the most Calm VATF i know of , rarely does he hit the glass or get spooked , lower jaw is ok , not perfect...
  16. slednex11

    New batch of BD Pups Oct 1/14

    Awesome work !!! They all look great !!
  17. slednex11

    moving a monster gar

    Hey Trevor , ya once the fish outgrow the tank , Brad will prolly just build another bigger tank in his shop ha ha , we got the gars head in the net and I just grabbed him with my hands with fishing gloves ha ha, he actually was very cooperative in my hands Hey Tomuhs , I haven't fished for...
  18. slednex11

    moving a monster gar

    helped a buddy move his gar outta his 1800 gallon tank back to his 900 gallon as the gar ate a 15" tem bass and keeps trying to eat the other bass, the gar is 35"
  19. slednex11

    LF: Arapima,Snakeheads , female Marble Motoro

    Hey Devon , ya your snakeheads are gorgeous but my buddy is looking for the giant snakeheads , I think I have found a cpl , thanks tho man, appreciate it