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  1. lamsimon

    FS: 50G stacker

    i have a 50g stacker comes with one 50g tank with lids and 0ne 44g tank with out lid theres a hole drilled at the bottom but its patched up $200 obo contact # simon 604-417-1533
  2. lamsimon


    #1 Marineland Acrylic model 4 Sump one side had a hole drilled in it and doesnt come with the bio wheels i have the other camber just was not in the picture $ 80 #2 megaflow model 4 acrylic sump also has a hole drilled on the side $ 100 604-417-1533
  3. lamsimon

    Cool lil leohen male.

  4. lamsimon

    My super red

    thanks mike , yah bring ur camera next time
  5. lamsimon

    My super red

    Heres some of my violet fusion super red pictures . i have him for almost a year now, i bought him at the sametime as Azreno , i just never got a chance to post pictures of my aro. hes around 15 inches , eats pellets and mp the pictures isnt that great but i'll takes some better shots later
  6. lamsimon

    Black on Black

    they look fat ur rays , cant wait for my rays get better so they can breed lol
  7. lamsimon

    My first bd ray

    lol no i like my hybrids , ill keep them but i dont mind adding an female bd to my tank
  8. lamsimon

    My first bd ray

    thanks hondas3000 added a couple of picture of my other rays the dark colour is a male, the other is a female both are hybrids. i also got them from mike over half a year go
  9. lamsimon

    My first bd ray

    this is my first black diamond stingray, got him last night at around 8inches, started eat the next day :D i wanted to say thanks to mike from exotic aquaria for bring in this beauthiful BD ray
  10. lamsimon

    @@ new Leop for sale

    where are you located?
  11. lamsimon

    Asia Trip 2012 - Hong Kong Fish Street

    i never knew they hang the asian aros in the bags
  12. lamsimon

    FS: frt

  13. lamsimon

    FS: arcylic 180g tank + stand and filter

    sorry its the pro 2 2028
  14. lamsimon

    fs: fx5 and a ehiem pro 2 2080

    sorry its the pro 2 2028
  15. lamsimon

    fs: deformed shell frt

    i had this guy for a few years now, 4-5'' big very healthly, acts just like a normal frt just he has a bad back $150