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    where is everyone...

    I still drop in every once in a while... Lee D
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    Lighting for Arowanas

    Anybody have any suggestions on what would be a good bulb to bring out the colours in my Arowana? I'm currently using a T5HO fixture with Sun Blaster bulbs (6400K) since he is in a planted tank. These lamps tend to give him a strong green colour. After the lights go out and there is only dim...
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    Aro with Protruding Eyes

    Thanks Cirrus. The salt was a really good idea. The foggy tinge to his eyes disappeared almost instantly. He looks normal now and is actively swimming throughout the tank. He still isn't eating normally but I'm not sure whether that is due to the accident or the removal of his old tank mates...
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    Aro with Protruding Eyes

    Ok, I messed up. I was cleaning the tank and left a cover off when I went for lunch. When I got back to the Tank the Aro had made "The Jump For Freedom" and was lying in the middle of the floor. I got him back in the tank and after a few scary moments he recovered. Other than not eating, he...
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    my red Merlion arowana fish

    Looks really Nice! What size tank is it in? Lee D
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    2015/16 Winter arowana order

    Here is a picture of my Aro that I received with this order. He's doing great living on Shrimp and Dew Worms! I named him Mickey. I was expecting a Pugnacious Bruiser but once I saw him swim I thought he was more like a Ballet Dancer, so I named him after Mikhail Baryshnikov from the movie...