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  1. Gumby79

    Pup updates- Henlie

    Looking Good!
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    Your not lol I got tagged many a years ago, posted it on MFK here is the link Been grazed once since then from a pup.
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    Caught my Rays Mating

    I have found that when the males start coming of age, they pretty much start trying but it seem they are not very good at first and takes some time till they are stealthy at it. Lots of separating I had to do to give the girls a chance to recover.
  4. Gumby79

    Caught my Rays Mating

    That male there is at least 4-5 years old and the female is about 4 years as well. Been finding that all my female Leo's are usually at least 4 years they produce any pups. I only have grown out one male Leo from a pup and he had fully developed clasper at 2 years and he beat the crap out of my...
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    Caught my Rays Mating

    I have been keeping rays for over 9 years and my rays have had many litters over those years but never once have I caught them in the act, until today and I had my camera in hand.
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    Holiday Surprise!

    Well I knew my big leo girl was going to be due here, for the new year but she popped a little early while I was away on visiting family. Defiantly one of the biggest pups I have ever seen, in fact notice the other pup at the end of the video is his sibling from a batch of pups from June...
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    Stinger Through the Head of my BD

    Well my male must have not understood what no means, so I got the fun business of catching and pulling out a 3 inch barb out through his head. He's no little ray either so it was a bit nerve racking doing so, as you can probably tell in the video lol. He seems to be doing well and but I will be...
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    P14 x Leo and P14 Video

    Here's a little update on my P14 x Leo girl my rays had a while back and a 14 girl I picked up from Darren at Monster Fish Bowl.
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    Very Cool!!
  10. Gumby79

    Stingray pond.

    Very Nice ! I got to come up and see your collection in person one of these day.
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    Getting out of rays for a while 3 p14s for sale

    Well I have to say to you all, you missed out on a beautiful trio of rays and not like you all didn't have the chance to snatch them up but lucky for me you all didn't and I have some beautilful additions to my tank. Thank you Tim
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    Newborn Leopoldi Pups Nov 21 2012

    Well they were about 1 hour old in the video and only a day old now so no eating yet, they still have little yolk saks and with all my other pups, none have start to eat until the yolk sak is completly gone and when they do start eating, you bet I will be making sure they are well feed !
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    Newborn Leopoldi Pups Nov 21 2012

    Last night my big girl gave birth to 3 large pups, 2 males and a female. The pregnacy seem to be a long one, usaully I have noticed 8 weeks after first start seeing movement she would give birth, it was pushing 12 week this one but the pups are huge lol
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    stingray bit a barb

    I had the same thing happen about a year ago and I was lucky cause both ends were visable so I was able to pull it out foward with ease. It does not sound like you will have that option but I would prob pull it out either way, just going to have to pull it out quick like a bandage.
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    Building My 1600 and Basement Setup

    The other thing you I forgot was the blue max recommends using there peel n stick tape on all the joints and corners, which I did as well.
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    Building My 1600 and Basement Setup

    I first coated all the wood with a product call S-1 which is a epoxy with very low viscosity which basiclly all the wood is sealed (can not tint or color this product), at this point if I wanted to I could have just siliconed the joints and filled her up but this I did just for back up in case...
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    Bd/leo update.

    Good looking Rays
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    one of my favorites

    Very Nice!
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    Captive-Bred Henlei - Litter #2

    Very Nice!