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    Black Stingrays Mature pair

    Pair of Rays BDs ... male is 12 inch 2 years old Female is 16 inch almost 3 years old. Male already trying to breed her. Will breed very soon. Toronto area. Can't ship. Make an offer [email protected]
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    Female Ray

    I have a 3 year old female marble Motoro. Eats pellets. Beautiful ray. 350.00 pick up in Innisfil. [email protected]
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    Peacock bass

    Is it a wild Mono? Any pics?
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    Red Aro Purchase Help

    Thanks! I'm in Toronto and honestly just thinking of going to Markham to purchase one. ( Sam)
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    Red Aro Purchase Help

    I would live your advice also :) 1200 gets me what kind of red?
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    Red Aro Purchase Help

    Going to be looking to purchase a Red Are late spring early summer as this is when I move into my new place. Will be my first and was wondering where would be the best place to purchase one, in terms of Amazing Quality! I'm in the Toronto area. How much cash should I put aside? Thanks guys!
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    FEB 2014 UPDATE

    One the nicest, cleanest setups!!
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    BBXB update

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    BBXB update

    Beautiful, just gorgeous! The green back ground looks good, what made you think of the green background?
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    Thanks for the advice!
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    8foot Fish Tank

    Very Nice set up! Im a professional painter would you be interested in working out a deal
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    Hi Kam, are the same Kam that had the store on dundas in mississauga?

    Hi Kam, are the same Kam that had the store on dundas in mississauga?
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    Hi I live in the Gta and I have been collecting SA/CA CICHLIDS for quite some time. Asian Arowanas have really struck my interest and are just amazing fish! Where would be a great place to get a RTG in the Gta and what should I expect to pay for a high quality RTG? Thanks