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    Black Bar Silver Dollars & Striped Silver Dollars

    Do you still have the striped silvers?
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    New and confused

    Thank you very much, I appreciate the clarification!
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    New and confused

    Oops, I forgot to ask if there is a grading reference so I'll know what level of Aro I will be looking at. Does anyone have a chart or something? I know green is low grade but all the varieties of RTG and red's have me mixed up. Thanks again
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    New and confused

    Hello everyone, I'm no stranger to fish-keeping but I'm new to Aro's. I've been looking around for some time and finally freed up some tank space. I don't have a big budget and will be looking at some of the lower grades but don't know them in any particular order. I've seen some RTG's that I...
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    Egg time anyone

    Congrats on the spawning - I hope you get a nice batch of fry!
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    Update of my dynamic red

    Gorgeous red you have there! I hope to find a deal on one
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    Playing with my RTG lol

    I miss doing that!
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    violet fusion red

    Very nice! Definitely on my wish list!
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    New to Aro's

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone; I'm new to Aro's but not new to fish-keeping. I look forward to sharing info and learning as well. Cheers!
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    Spring/Summer 2013 Dreamfish Order

    So many kinds, how do I decide? Looking at these prices I'll be on the lower end, and I don't really want to just get a fish because it's all I can afford. I'm partial to the RTG but even then there appears to be different ones = confused lol!