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  1. h.l_nathan

    Tiger datniod need help

    If it's new import then they should be acclimated in brackish water
  2. h.l_nathan

    Building a glass tank

    I've done a few large tanks from glass but never that tall. Max was 3feet. If don't suggest going that tall with glass anyhow unless you want to spend getting 1.5inch original thicker to be able, withstand the pressure. Using silicone or uv weld glass works too, but for that size you will need...
  3. h.l_nathan

    Got a question

    try slicing prawns in 4 pcs and soak in a bit of garlic to get him interested in the strong smell and see if he would take it. one of my aro went for almost a month until he gave in n ate food stick and prawns. i stay away from sw or else it'll be really hard to train your aro to eat other...
  4. h.l_nathan

    Hello Arowana Club

    lol welcome IPU
  5. h.l_nathan

    Suggestions for improving this site?

    O that one I have no idea. I think its in montreal at my moms house. I havent kept fishes for a long time now. I let go of all of my stocks. Just a bare 680 gal tank in my family room. I'll eventually get back into raising fish again once my travel schedule calms down a bit
  6. h.l_nathan

    Suggestions for improving this site?

    Here's another idea for you Theo. Something that i thought might be interesting but it would only apply to local BC members. You might have to actually sit down and discuss with my brother first. An aro judging contest. Where locals can bring their aro to one of my stores and leave there for...
  7. h.l_nathan

    Suggestions for improving this site?

    I think its also a time to change this site up a bit too. Some of you might seen me on here from way back. I got away from this hobby for a few years now, but still goes on this forum from time to time. I know there are new comers to the hobby and they have lots of questions. I like to see the...
  8. h.l_nathan

    new BD pup

    Chen I remembered when I visit Frank and Niko they were giving their prego mothers mussels and scallops along with their reg prawns to fatten the mother and pups up
  9. h.l_nathan

    new BD pup

    This subject is straying away from Chens babies. but yup IPU. Hopefully I can start to get some of my soon comm tank to breed like Chens did, but more open to the public to see
  10. h.l_nathan

    BD's/P14's ???????

    I have some p14's coming in, but its only for my Burnaby BC display tank.
  11. h.l_nathan

    new BD pup

    well if u eventually run out of rooms let me know. Cirrus already knows it that i've just got back into this hobby after 4 years away....Back in a big way with 2 lfs in BC
  12. h.l_nathan

    new BD pup

    Hey Chen if you running out of places to put your pups u can send it my way I have plenty of tanks.
  13. h.l_nathan

    Getting out of the hobby

    Vancouver pick up only Panda gold aro for sale $1500
  14. h.l_nathan

    What would your dream aro community tank look like?

    Theo Ya i'm still around My wife gave away everything in my tank. I've been over in asia working the last year and only come back for birthdays and holidays. I see that this club has grown quite well. nice to see lots of new ppl joining this hobby. How you been. back from Europe yet.
  15. h.l_nathan

    What would your dream aro community tank look like?

    Here 1 for you Theo. a bunch of dif cheap expensive aros and alot of mermaids
  16. h.l_nathan

    Some different home aquariums

    Theo. The first tank looks like the one I been planning but larger than that. If this 2 month vacation/ bizz trip with the wife goes well. I'll be getting something like that in my basement.
  17. h.l_nathan

    Singapore versus Indonesian Super Reds

    I'm going to Asia in a couple weeks. I might be getting a paired aro from indonesia and see if they will breed in my tank. As a pref i like the look from indo more than Sing
  18. h.l_nathan


    i found that the reef guys are getting into this tech But their price is way more than what i paid for mine
  19. h.l_nathan


    Actually this light is very energy efficient. It only use 2.5 amp. It would beats using my 12 4 foot t5s on my tank now. which is on for 8 hours a day.
  20. h.l_nathan


    I have been using T5s for my aros for 4 years now, but i still think that color can still be better. So I hope this new light will work, cause I paid 1400$ wholesale for the set and the bulb is only about the size of a golf ball