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    Sick Mbu need ideas...something

    Tough to say what is really going on maybe the food is what is doing it. Maybe try buying different types of shellfish. Also maybe try treating Prazi-pro, kinda sounds like it might be an internal parasite. I would also cut back the amount you feed. I only feed my fahaka about 3 times a...
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    New articles

    As always some cool articles Theo
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    Charming Phoenix

    good to hear, has he grown much?
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    Charming Phoenix

    Hey Kenta, how is the guy I sold ya doing?
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    Winter/Spring Group Buy - On Location!

    Sweet man, you must be like a little kid in a candy store once again:D
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    plant filtration

    faster growing, floating plants work the best, the faster the grow the more nitrates they soak up
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    Free to a good home

    I would love to take her off of your hands, I could keep her in my 50g(4feet long) and put her in my big plywood tank when I get that built. How long do you think she would be ok for in a 50g tank? I really miss having a phoenix and would love another now that I have a bit bigger of a...
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    merry xmas everyone

    merry Christmas to all and a happy new year
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    What bichirs do you own?

    ropefish should be included I think as they are related
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    Greetings from KL.

    Welcome to the forum:D
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    Greetings from Frosty Manitoba

    welcome to the forum
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    welcome to the other AC
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    Hello everyone and thx Kenta!

    hello and welcome to the board
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    Nice Forum you've got here

    hey Clay glad to see you here bud
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    Hello from Mauritius.

    welcome to the forum
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    What is a fair profit for retail sale of Asian arowana?

    Totally agree, I know a certain store that has had the same aro for $2500 for quite some time and it looks like hell, finnage is all torn to shit. Now if the price would be a bit lower then it may have sold by now and the fish would not be suffering, plus it has to cost the store money to keep...
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    What are the going prices for arowana in Canada?

    Greater Vancouver Regional District
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    Wonder is you guys meet up often

    I know the reefers here get together and go on tours and meet up at a restaurant to get together. We also have a hobbyist club that meets up at the vancouver aquarium.
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    Maximum pictures per post

    well with only 4 per post all you have to do is just do another post with another 4 pics and heck it gets that post count up:D Also I have never understood why smilies are considered part of it
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    Water Changes...

    To bring my tap water to neutral or a little above I add half a teaspoon to 5g for my tanks that require a higher ph I add 1tsp too 5g to bring it up around 8