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  1. JayP

    FS: Channa Micropeltes ( giant snakeheads)

    Jeeees decent price for such a cool Monster
  2. JayP

    New 140ish tank

    Still nice foot print and tank. i always wondered what and acrylic tank would be like. What else other than the weight difference would you say makes it better ?
  3. JayP

    New 140ish tank

    Love the tank man and love Acrylic tanks :) so with those measurements thats a 180 :)
  4. JayP

    New BD Pup batch Jan 29/14

    Beautiful Rays :)
  5. JayP

    Taiwan - Wild Caught Taiwanese Masheer

    I love theses guys Mike :)
  6. JayP

    New Addiction... LOL. The Dark Side.

    Wow Mike I love seeing this lil tank its so Beautiful :)
  7. JayP

    1200 Gallon from BC :)

    Now thats a Monster Tank hands down. Congrats and wicked stock.
  8. JayP

    third year of 900 gallon

    love to see a full tank shot :)
  9. JayP

    My 230g 60"x30"x30"

    Awesome Vid for sure love the stock as well.
  10. JayP

    Mt 300G asian update :)

    Awesome tank and stock love the big man.
  11. JayP

    feeding my aro?

    I feed my Black Arowana Market Shrimp, Crickets, Aro Sticks/Hikari floating stick and Massivore. he has had a huge appetite lately.
  12. JayP

    My Mbu is so scary

    Awesome fish man wow. :)
  13. JayP

    Channa Diplogramma seem to be good aro tankmates!

    Really man thats too bad i remember your threads on MFK. I still have mine but just the two and they are very personable and about 15 inch, Still living with 14 inch F Gar and two 11/12 inch Black Driftwood Catfish and a 6 inch oscar np yet.. lol
  14. JayP

    200 Gallon Black Arowana & Tank Mates

    No i would not either unless I really knew the temperament of both fish, meaning I raised both and actually knew in my own mind it would be ok
  15. JayP

    200 Gallon Black Arowana & Tank Mates

    I do have Channa two different kinds. I have 2 Channa Diplogramma that are 15 inch and growing lol and I have 4 ParaChanna Obscura/ African Snakeheads. I have not mixed Aro with Channa as of yet. I was thinking of doing so maybe once the Obscura got big enough. I have seen vids of it done but as...
  16. JayP

    200 Gallon Black Arowana & Tank Mates

    Yeah your right tho more the better lol. I had 2 filters on when I bought my first rays. They ended up dieting because I chose Teacups as my first and they were very malnourished and and did not make it past a month.:( May try a better spices sometime in the future :) In the video I posted...
  17. JayP

    200 Gallon Black Arowana & Tank Mates
  18. JayP

    200 Gallon Black Arowana & Tank Mates

    Well thanks i guess, jeers 2 FX5`s that crazy filtration lol. Mine does pretty good with one on there lol.
  19. JayP

    200 Gallon Black Arowana & Tank Mates

    Wow that would be awesome I am in the same boat can't wait to get a house here in the spring hopefully so I can get a big monster oh the dream huh ? lol