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  1. tomuhs

    1 month in! Pregnant ray

    Got these guys a year ago thanks to Mike from David. The female was pretty picky when I first got her and had to break her in with black worms. One year later, the male has finally gotten to her. I came home to see the female up against the glass with a sperm sac hanging out:eek: Anyways...
  2. tomuhs

    SAD DAY.

    So sad im sorry to hear. I've had some past experiences with BV and ended up doing everything myself. Thank you for stitching all those pictures together. Such a beautiful XB and to see its development is amazing. He will never be replaced. Sorry for your loss
  3. tomuhs

    some advice please

    Congrats and good luck with the move. Looking foward to pics!
  4. tomuhs

    some advice please

    :D:D:D He was definately the strongest eater out of the comm, even out growing my gold head (he was 2'' bigger) and eventually becoming the alpha. LMAO!!! Dont worry it took me a few years before i had the guts to actually starve an aro to the point of pellet being trained.
  5. tomuhs

    some advice please

    Hi Michael Great work getting him to feed, that aro greedily ate anything i gave him including pellets. The only thing is that he was in a community setting therefore more willing to attack pellets; monkey see money doo. As Theo mentioned, you should consider yourself lucky that he is...
  6. tomuhs

    Got the Goldhead WHOO

    I like the dark look as well and it fits ur tank very well. Here are some tips i was lucky to get from Mr. Chia regarding grooming GH. "Do feed the Aro as much as they can eat during the first two years of their growth. But Becareful not choke them. This the time of size development... Not...
  7. tomuhs

    Got the Goldhead WHOO

    Nice scales, shine and blue base. Love the swimming posture as well. No offense but did crossing and GH fade??
  8. tomuhs

    moving a monster gar

    haha nice! do you even fish?
  9. tomuhs

    Egg time anyone

    Dam Buddy when can i come over to have a look??? Can't believe it finally happened.
  10. tomuhs

    Egg time anyone

    Holy shit Andy!! You called it
  11. tomuhs

    2FT FIRE EEL!!

    Mirin always wanted one this size
  12. tomuhs

    Panda Gold Supreme

    Nice HBRRTG, love the gill plates.
  13. tomuhs

    Maju Blood Red

    Thanks! He's around 16''. Very picky eater...sprung a leak on the tank so i had to reseal so he's currently residing in a pond basin; being spoiled on super worm as I undergo repairs. Will starve and hopefully get him back on frozen. Thanks Theo; I really appreciate you helping me obtain...
  14. tomuhs

    Maju Blood Red

    Just an update to my Maju Blood Red. No tanning on this fellow. Has a bit of a fat lip haha. Pickest eater I know...sigh. Guess WTT works well for reds too. Too lazy to pull out my dslr so here's a pic with my crappy Nexus 5 camera. Happy aro keeping.
  15. tomuhs

    To pump or not pump?

    So my GHXB is eating like a pig destroying pretty much anything and is especially fond of carnisticks. What would you guys do? Pump or not to pump? Pellets only? It seems that he is out growing his shine level. Any thoughts? Thanks and happy fish keeping
  16. tomuhs

    1200 Gallon from BC :)

    Glad to hear all the fish were able to get rehomed, sad to hear you're leaving and lastly thank you for the beautiful fish. They are growing fast!
  17. tomuhs

    new aro

    Way nicer in person. Frames and blue base make a lot of XBs look like regular RTGs haha. Be happy he isn't still only eating SW. Enjoy
  18. tomuhs

    First time pics

    Nice gold! From what farm? Diet?
  19. tomuhs

    300 gallon build

    Looks great. Plenty of room. Happy fish keeping