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  1. Canadian Aqua Farm

    Last Discus Shipment Of 2020

    Please visit my website for photos, prices and availability.
  2. Canadian Aqua Farm

    New Discus Videos From Canadian Aqua Farm including Fish Room Tour

    A couple new videos to share. Ron from Friday Fish Facts recently came out and did a fish room tour. Check it out. I also recently made a video featuring all of my discus stock...
  3. Canadian Aqua Farm

    Koi Grow Out Contest

    Anyone up for joining a koi grow out contest? If you have a spare tank or tub this could be a great winter project, raise the fry indoors and by spring they'll be large enough to move outside. I have a bunch of 1"-2" fry. These are koi that were born here at Canadian Aqua Farm. The...
  4. Canadian Aqua Farm

    August Piwowarski Discus Group Order

    Check out this link for more details. If you want to add to the order please let me know by the evening of Monday August 19th. Click here for full details
  5. Canadian Aqua Farm

    Piwowarski Discus Pre Order Due By July 5th

    Piwowarski Discus Pre-Order: We have an exciting opportunity to get ahold of some Piwowarski discus. Alexander Piwowarski is one of the top discus breeders in the world. His hatchery is located in Germany and his fish have won major awards including grand champion at discus shows around the...
  6. Canadian Aqua Farm

    Flynn's Fish Forum Video Tour / Interview At Canadian Aqua Farm

    Check out this awesome video that was shot and edited by Flynn's Fish Forum last weekend when he came to visit my new fishroom. He has lots of very informative videos on his Youtube channel and post new videos on a regular basis,. [video=youtube;mavRR7d8AZI]
  7. Canadian Aqua Farm

    Spring 2019 Discus Stock & Free Shipping Offer At Canadian Aqua Farm

    My spring discus stock is now available for order. There are several varieties of albinos, a few different heckel crosses and lots of other very high quality strains. For a limited time I am offering free shipping on orders of $500 or more before tax. To qualify for the discount please submit...
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    New Discus Shipment At Canadian Aqua Farm

    For photos, availability and pricing please visit my website Discus - Canadian Aqua Farm Video of the new arrivals:
  9. Canadian Aqua Farm

    Dexter Chung DXcus Pre-Order (Discus & Santa Isabel Angels)

    The discus and angels in this shipment will only be available by pre-order. I am not planning to bring in any extra stock for sale. If you would like to place an order please be sure to do so before the deadline of midnight on September 18th. There are 84 different discus selections on the...
  10. Canadian Aqua Farm

    FS: 6 New Possible Pairs Of Discus

    I'm working on forming some new breeding pairs. So far I have identified 6 possible pairs, some of which appear to be very close to spawning. They are all currently for sale. More details regarding each pair have been posted on my website Discus - Canadian Aqua Farm
  11. Canadian Aqua Farm

    FS: 12 Jumbo Discus

    I have 12 very special new arrivals in stock. These discus are on consignment from a local breeder friend of mine. All were imported from Dexter Chung of DXcus over the past several months. They are true jumbos ranging in size from 6" up to 6.75" in length and include the largest albino discus...
  12. Canadian Aqua Farm

    FS: Discus Breeding Pairs

    All four pairs are sold out but feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] if you would like to be added to the waiting list for future pairs.
  13. Canadian Aqua Farm

    FS: Discus Breeding Pairs

    I just added 4 new pairs to my website. I'll post the videos here. For additional photos and info please check out my website:
  14. Canadian Aqua Farm

    Spring 2018 Discus Shipment From Dexter Chung DXcus Is Here!

    The spring discus shipment has arrived! There are tons of super nice fish available as can be seen in the video below including some strains that are seldom available such as the Snow Leopard Snakeskins. Photos, sizes and prices are available on my website here:
  15. Canadian Aqua Farm

    FS: Albino Discus Fry (Free shipping offer available)

    I have a spawn of Albino Leopard Snakeskin and Albino Leopard (limited quantity available) discus fry available for sale. The fry off to a fantastic start and were parent raised, a very rare feat for albino discus! Their shape is excellent for this size and age. Their colours will start to...