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  1. fluidmotion

    Henlei pup #3

    kool :)
  2. fluidmotion

    My 135 gallon

    Indeed, Chen88. That was the plan. :)
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    Interesting read and chart

    Very Interesting.
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    Got a question

    I had an 7-8" baby Australian Jardini I bought from B-Al's a long time ago not eat for 31 days, once. Then one night it ate 12 1" rosy red minnows all at once and everything was fine, besides the hugh lump in it's belly. Try keeping the light off for a few days and maintain good water perimeters...
  5. fluidmotion

    My 135 gallon

    Quick iPhone photo. It's not an Asian Arowana, but I thought I'd share something with the forum. The story: I purchased a Silver Arowana approximately 6-7" in length back in Feb from a small pet/flower store on Lake Shore Blvd in Toronto. The fish is now ~ 11-12" in length. running : Old...
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    very relaxing :)
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    power heads are great for moving water and flow but breaking the water surface with a return hose is best.
  8. fluidmotion

    Sharing my Asian Aros

    The videos look great. Just wondering why you are using salt and what ratio? Is it for bacterial issues the fish has had in the past?
  9. fluidmotion

    To pump or not pump?

    (Imo) Do not over feed (pump) Aro's being kept in captivity. Not only would water perimeters suffer immensely they're not getting the same amount of exercise as the would in wild. You'll end up with a over weight unhealthy fish stuck in a glass/acrylic box.
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    More scams, warning to USA aro keepers

    Got this exact same response in a email about 4 months ago. I reported it to the RCMP right away.
  11. fluidmotion

    Foam under tank

    There is no such thing as a perfectly straight leveled aquarium or stand, unfortunatly. That said, I would strongly advise everyone use foam between tank and stand, especially metal stands. it just offers extra insurance.
  12. fluidmotion

    Painting the back of my Tank Black

    I do the exact same thing. I perform one extra step, Purchasing a small bottle of Isopropyl to clean the exterior glass of any finger prints or grime before applying the paint. The plus side: water based dollar store acrylic can be removed in the future extremely easy if you decide you want to...
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    FEB 2014 UPDATE

    Looks like one big happy family.
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    Who remembers Kings Aquarium in Scarborough ?

    The address was Sheppard Ave east (Mandarin Mall) just between Brimley Rd and the train tracks. My quick story for everyone: It was roughly 1986/1987 and at the time my doctor was located inside that mall. As a young child my mother used to take me there all the time. One day while waiting...