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    Black Diamond Stingrays

    All sold May have more available soon, contact me if interested in any rays!
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    Black Diamond Stingrays

    Males are sold. Female available for only $900. Updated picture of her attached.
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    Black Diamond Stingrays

    I have a few rays available for sale. 3 captive bred black diamond pups. 2 males and 1 female. Asking 1k each for males and $1300 for the female. Or a pair for 2k. 6" captive bred male leo for $700 5-6" captive bred male bd×p14 for $1000
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    BDXMARBLE pair

    Bump for a good seller, and some beautiful rays!
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    20" Millennium Red Asian Arowana

    Price drop.....$1650!!!
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    20" Millennium Red Asian Arowana

    20" Millennium red aro from forever arowana aquaculture. Certificate date is December 27, 2011. Healthy with no defects. Currently no tanning light and not very good lighting on the tank so the picture doesn't do it any justice. Must see in person to fully appreciate. Located in Fergus...
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    Adz1 250g. pics.

    Nice looking FRT!
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    FEB 2014 UPDATE

    Amazing collection and pictures. Nice work.
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    Pups from past few months

    I am interested in buying some more rays. Could you provide me with an email address to contact you with? Thanks
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    New Marble

    Very nice pickup.
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    F2 BD pups born on May 26,2014.

    Congrats on the pups. They look great. I would be interested in buying them when they are ready to be sold.