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    Alligator Snapping Turtle For Sale

    These are legal to own within Canada, but there are provincial and municipal regulations that may prohibit ownership. These are not super rare by any means, many hundred are sold throughout the country every year, I have a few friends who regularly breed them. They get extremely large, and not...
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    FS: PNT/FRT 8 inches! Tank mate friendly!

    Still available Mike? I have a friend who may be interested..
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    In need of big fish shipping supplies, can anyone help?!

    Hey guys, I was able to find what I need locally! Thanks again! I'll be back soon enough. Hope all is well, Justin Morash
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    In need of big fish shipping supplies, can anyone help?!

    Thank you Theo, you've always been a great help. I appreciate it, and I hope all is well.
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    In need of big fish shipping supplies, can anyone help?!

    It's time for me to finally throw in the towel for awhile. That last couple years have been too hectic to worry about fish, and my collection has boiled down to one very large fish. I have finally decided to sell him, and found a buyer, but need some shipping supplies, and I'm not looking for...
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    Channa barca

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    Channa barca

    I'm going to post by rock bottom price if anyone is serious. $2800. Less than what I paid for it when it was 14", and still available for import.
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    Channa barca

    Hey, I have had quite a few inquiries about the barca recently. I assume it is because people are now realizing Channa can no longer be legally imported. I am still open to selling him. However it would have to be for the right price and right person. It is unlikely I will sell for any...
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    2' Channa barca

    Hey guys, Considering selling my Channa barca again. So hard to get now, even harder than before, especially at this size. He's almost 2' long and really putting on some mass. He's feeding daily on massivore pellets and crickets. Perfect in every way, not a mark on him. Only considering...
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    Channa Barca priced to sell...

    The more people I talk to it's coming to that. It would have to be a good sum of money to sell him.
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    Channa Barca priced to sell...

    I know everyone is going to hate me, but here's it is... Because I live in a condo and there is no mention of fish tanks in the bylaw, they cannot make me get rid of it. Plus I have insurance to cover any damage. If they change the bylaw, I would be grandfathered in. Importing Channa will be...
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    Channa Barca priced to sell...

    Hey, My tank leaked, and water leaked into the condo below me, and while I'm not sure what the final outcome will be, I have a wild feeling this will result with me having to give up my fish tank. I got away with no big upsets for 4 years now, but the streak is over in a bad way. If...
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    AUL order

    Oh no. I never got CC'd, I figured the order was just on hold.
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    AUL order

    When were you thinking? I really do want one, but I'm in a bad spot right now immediately after the holidays.
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    Group of Clown Loaches - 7-8 inches

    If they don't sell by February I may come your way then. I would love to have them in my 210 with the Barca! Otherwise good luck with the sale!
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    Angelfish and peacock bass?

    I saw a beautiful tank done with Altums, discus, earth eaters and baby cichla. The owner said there were no issues until the cichla grew over 6 inches, then he moved the cichla to a new tank. I would still use caution with this combo.
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    Setting up a new tank

    Earth eaters, clown loaches, and dollars. That means you have stuff to grow up and eventually move in with your rays and arowana.
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    Jumbo Clowns, Indo dats, Jumbo fire eels, etc.

    I would be super happy to get four to six 5-6" loaches opposed to paying the shipping on a on 2-3 huge loaches. But it would have to be worth it, your right that I don't to pay the high price for a loach that isn't as big as I expected. I'm just trying to feel out all my options right now. Any...
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    FS: Papyrocranus Afer (Pom Pom Knife) 18 inch

    Damn I didn't even notice this! Amazing fish!