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  1. Fishy

    Above Tank Sump

    Custom made 6ft long above tank glass sump with 4 compartments, lids, media and a 400GPH pump (easy to access and maintain than traditional under tank sump) The dimension is 72'" length, 6" width, and 8.5" high $120 Markham (14th Ave / McCowan)
  2. Fishy

    12" Indo Datnoids & Silver Dollars

    Selling a 12" Indo Datnoids, it eat pellets and it is fat and healthy. 4 bars on one side, the other side is 3 and a half bars, so the fish is not symmetrical. 60% stable. $45...
  3. Fishy

    LF: Free Fish :-)

    I have some 4" red belly cichlid, interested? ;)
  4. Fishy

    12" CT

    A buyer came and took my GATF, so crisis averted, no need to sell anymore please close thread! thank you!
  5. Fishy

    12" CT

    thanks! I really love this fish, but it is making my GATF very uncomfortable! so it has to go! if anybody is interested, you can mail me at [email protected] we can work something out! :) oh oh oh! the minnows in the tank is for my Armatus! :D (sharing the same tank)
  6. Fishy

    12" CT

    12" Highforehead CT eat massivores $550 obo
  7. Fishy

    9" NTT datnoid fish

    Selling a 9" NTT Tiger datnoid, 100% stable and eat massivore delight pellets not in a hurry to sell! :) $180
  8. Fishy


    /bump $75 for all! :D
  9. Fishy


    /bump $85! for all! :D
  10. Fishy


    sorry i dont ship >.<" too many bad experiences with paypal and etc >.<"
  11. Fishy


    Selling Hikari Massivore Delite BNIB 1 bag 2.2lbs 2 bags 13.4oz all 3 bags for $100 Markham
  12. Fishy


    I made a few bucks off RIM, because of my CT sales... :D Kinda want to go back to datnoids again... lol! xD Just kidding! :p But I got some cool WC 3" -4" Satanoperca Daemon (2nd largest kind of Geophagus) that I wanted to let go! $10 each :) Markham
  13. Fishy

    CT, ST, L25

    ALL SOLD! :D Please close thread! Ty :D
  14. Fishy

    CT, ST, L25

    It's best to come view the fish in person! :3 I won't be able to ship them, and if I can ship, they will be going to the States ;) That L25 is EVIL, it loves to pinch me! XD
  15. Fishy

    CT, ST, L25

    I know I know, I just got them. But if I can get rid of them, I'd get an epic monster from a friend, else I'd be keeping them :D Best deal in 2013! xD 10" CT, 11" ST, 9" L25, 7" Albino Sailfin Pleco $1400 for all :D Markham, Ontario
  16. Fishy

    l27 Thunder and L25

    he's at Markham, Ontario, Canada! :D
  17. Fishy

    Albino Sailfin Pleco & NTT

    Just sold both NTT to a member here! :D
  18. Fishy

    Albino Sailfin Pleco & NTT

    Selling a 7-8" Albino Sailfin Pleco (great cleaner) $30 two 4" NTT (got one from eddie yesterday, but my new tiger is stressing them out) both are on shrimps $50 each
  19. Fishy

    Bad News for the Mekong River

    time to stock up the Ntts?
  20. Fishy


    unless it is a dyed* red arowana I can ship one to vincentlim :P lol xD