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    FS: Royal Motoro Stingray

    Hi Cirrus I can't remember where you are located? and how much were you asking?
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    More than one arowana - one tank?!

    Just solicitating feedback from members who have more than one arowana in a single tank. Typically, do they get along or not really?
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    Who is in charge?

    Well I hate to admit it, but my aro is in charge! I got him about 4 months ago and continue to try and train him to eat pellets. Everytime, he spits them out. :( I moved him to his new home a month ago (340 gallon) and took advantage of the move - and only fed pellets. 10 days went by and...
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    Shaaring one of my Reds

    Nice big is it? 18 or so inches? Personally, I like the white lighting better. In my mind, it shows the contrast in colors which is what I like in them. Nonetheless, I would let him join my tank.
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    does the height of the tank matter?

    Too late now. I made the decision and the tank is up high. It is 41' off the ground and has a viewing window of 36 inches * 72 inches. It feels like I am watching a big screen TV! It is awesome. The only thing I desperately need to improve on is the lighting. My collection of lights is...
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    some advice please

    Well it finally happened. I managed to get the 340 gallon tank set-up. I will get a picture tomorrow and post. The hardest part was finding 5 other volunteers to lift it in my house. So far, everyone is doing good (only been 3 days). It has my arowana (14'), two delhzi bichirs (10' &...
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    some advice please

    Thanks for the support. user name: tomuhs...too funny. I thought that was you but didn't want to ask. The aro is doing great. Like I said, spits out the pellets but absolutely loves prawns. I have to be careful or it will jump out while trying to feed. It sits or swims and patiently waits...
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    does the height of the tank matter?

    Odd question but I am curious. I have read lots about the potential causes of DE and wondered if the height of the tank should be considered when setting up. I am in the midst of setting up my aro's new home - a nice 340G. It will be in my office where I spend 8 - 10 hours per day. My...
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    some advice please

    Not new to the hobby but new to owning an arowana. Currently in a 150 gallon tank by itself. All is good. Water parameters are good. Its a HBRTG. I have had it almost 2 weeks now and I am trying to get it to take hikari pellets or sticks. No luck. It readily will eat shrimp and smelt...
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    LF: 2.2lbs massivore

    Hi all, Relatively new on the forum. Interested to see if your supplier of 5 years is still reliable! Here is hoping as I need a new supplier of the carnivore pellets also. The only place in my neck of the woods (Salmon Arm BC) is LFS at $100 per bag + 12% tax. Killing me.